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What is Annotated Bibliography and its Topics

Students are assigned to craft annotated bibliographies for various annotated bibliography topics. A normal bibliography’s extended version is called annotated bibliography. Also, an annotated bibliography is more time consuming because, in addition to listing the sources, students need to write brief summaries for each source. It is very essential to define annotated bibliography topics in a clear manner. Students should choose narrow topics and mention relevant sources only.

The section of an annotated bibliography is written at the end of the paper, but it should be actually completed before drafting the paper. Students write papers with different purpose and perspectives in their minds, so, they must know how to pursue:

1. Clarification of topics: Topic clarity increases with annotated bibliography. Precise questions can be made for general subjects that address the paper effectively.
2. Developed thesis statement: Students explain thesis statements according to the current research state and create it in persuasive as well as argumentative way.
3. Relevant evidence is collected: Students find reliable and relevant sources to gather evidence in order to make the arguments strong in the paper.
4. Most promising areas of research are identified: It is easy to understand the remaining research works and conclusions by the means of annotated bibliographies.
5. A critical review of existing research: Existing studies are critically assessed by the students and limitations or unspecified biases are revealed.

Whatever the purpose is to write the paper, students get benefits from this type of work.

Annotated Bibliographies provide readers with a quick glimpse of the documents you have relied on for your research. It also helps readers determine the accuracy, relevance, and quality of cited sources. Therefore, you must read through your bibliography to determine whether it is detail-oriented. Writing an annotated reference takes time and efforts.

Structure and formatting rules for the annotated bibliography.

Annotated bibliography topics don’t matter for the formatting style. The format and structure of the paper according to the information presented in the entire document. MLA and APA are frequently used referencing styles for paper whereas annotated bibliography follows various styles for formatting. It is advised to ask your teacher for research paper help and get guidelines from your professor to clarify which type of referencing style you should use.

There are two main sections of annotated bibliography which include:

• Annotation
• Reference

In the first section, information about the author, year of publication, place of publication, title, etc. are specified.

In the second section of annotations, the various approaches used for the content are discussed.

The choice for appropriate formatting style also depends on the annotated bibliography topics. For example, for different subjects of arts or humanities, MLA format must be followed. APA formatting is required by the sociology or psychology papers. For chemistry or physics, CSE formatting is preferred and for law assignments, bluebook referencing is used.  

Most preferred formatting style is Harvard Style as it shortly summaries the source content and explains the relevance of paper. The credibility is established by presenting the critical conclusion.  

While writing an annotated bibliography, you must consider the type:

1. Summarized: The bibliographies that belong to this type can be subcategorized into different sources, used for indicating the information of overall content. It provides a detailed summary to the readers and informs them about reviewed sources.

2. Evaluated: The goal of this type of annotations is to assess quality sources and argument with regards to the relevance of the sources.

3. Mixed: The student prepares assessment as well as a summary in this type of annotation. Students are asked to present a short summary in the starting of the annotation. In the second paragraph, assessment is provided.

What should you write in Annotation bibliography?

Students must summarize the sources of content and ideas presented in the sources should also be provided through the assessment. The reviewed sources used must be explained through annotated bibliography. However, the annotation’s exact content depends on style requested. It is very important to clarify with the professors before choosing the aspect.

How to select Good Annotated Bibliography Topics?

Consider the length of the paper, and then choose annotated bibliography topics. The complexity of the topic depends on the length of the paper. For short papers, the topic is limited to create a strong argument.

There is a lot of information available related to some topics like cloud computing or Internet of Things. It is not possible to shrink a 6-7-page research paper into one paragraph. Therefore, it is better to divide large and complex topics into short topics.

Sub-topics can be a good start because it enables students to conduct significant research. It is very important to use credible sources, books, lecture notes, and academic articles to gather information for the paper. Also, make sure the sources used by you can be cited as well as annotated. Get the sources which comprise relevant information related to your topic.

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