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Students buy argumentative essays because willingly or unwillingly they have to submit their tasks on-time to add points in their assessment. Essays like argumentative ones are a little tricky as by writing this kind of essay it becomes the duty of the writer to convince the audience. You need to select an effective topic, provide arguments, every contradictory point related to it, evidence in support of your arguments and in the end a logical and convincing conclusion. A proper time, concentration and focus are required to write an argumentative essay with proficiency. Rather than struggling and spending sleepless nights, you can buy argumentative essay hassle free.

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What is an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is predominantly an argumentative text, whose purpose is to persuade the reader to adopt a position on a topic through logical and rational arguments. Some also include a counter-argument, in which arguments are presented and refuted.

Whatever the argumentative essay topic is, it serves to exercise and deepen your academic knowledge, because

  • It allows you to identify and discuss different positions on the same subject;
  • Develop your critical stance against the issues that concern your discipline, and
  • This makes it easier to relate more closely with the literature on the subject.

Activate previous knowledge and experiences

Did you learn to write argumentative essays in middle school? In what subjects or courses did you write to them? Have you ever written a mini argumentative essay? Are there subjects in which writing essays is not appropriate? What are the essential parts of an essay? What difficulties did this task present to you? How do you think you should adopt the writing of the essay as per the university context?

Keep in mind what you know and what you need to know before reading the rest of this resource!

Step-by-Step Prompts followed by our online essay writers

There are a few strategic questions that are needed to be answered before, during and after writing an argumentative essay.

  • What is the issue and why is it controversial?
  • What position or thesis will I defend? Can I explain it in a few words?
  • What logical arguments support my position?
  • What texts or authors serve as evidence for my arguments?
  • Are there arguments against my thesis?
  • How can I refute these counterarguments?
  • Do I have good quality evidence to support my arguments?
  • Do I quote all the authors or texts that I used for my arguments?
  • Is it understood how each argument supports my thesis?
  • Did I fulfill my writing purpose?
  • Did I present the topic and the controversy that surrounds the essay?
  • Did I make clear the thesis or position I am defending?
  • Did I present logical arguments based on evidence?
  • Did I succeed in refuting the arguments against my position?

The Structure of Argumentative Essay

The essay tends to follow the classical rhetorical structure:

  • Presents the subject and the controversy that surrounds it. Optionally, you can present your thesis.
  • Present your arguments in favor, the arguments against and the way in which you refute these counterarguments. Ideally, each argument should be developed in its own paragraph, using citations, examples or reasoning as the case may be.
  • Explain or reaffirm your thesis, based on the evidence you presented in the text. You can also pose a final reflection.

Practical advice

Remember that argumentative texts tend to have a structure that can be inductive or deductive:

  • In the inductive structure, you first present the arguments and through them, the position becomes more and more explicit until it is clearly presented in the conclusion.
  • In the deductive structure, the thesis is announced at the beginning and is reaffirmed as the text progresses.
    You can choose the structure that is easiest for you to develop, as long as the thesis is explicit somewhere. Buying an argumentative essay from us can prove to be your best decision.

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