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Bjarne Stroustrup is the name behind the creation of this general-purpose programming language. In 1980, he created C++ at Bell Labs Circa. The language is an advanced level of C, a similar language invented by Dennis Ritchie in the year 1970s. The similarity of both these languages let most of the codes generated in C to be compiled in C++ as well without any change in the line of source code. The introduction of OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) concepts has made C++ a well-structured language. It is the first language to be introduced with the concept. But it is not a well-known fact among the students that it is not a purely object-oriented language. It is because you can write code in C++ without using classes.

Let us have a look at the basic concepts of the language.

5 Basic C++ Concepts

C++ Variables
C++ Control Structures
C++ Data Structures
C++ Syntax
C++ Tools

Facebook (Social Media)
Amadeus (Airline Ticketing)
Amazon (Web Commerce)
Google (Web Search)

These are the significant systems which are highly dependable on the C++ language.


There are several characteristics of the language. Some of them are as follows-

1. Simple- The language is simple and easy to understand as it is written in English.

2. Platform Dependent- When a program is run developed and compiled in the same OS, but a different operating system is chosen to run and execute it, then it is called platform dependent.

3. Portability- Carrying out the instruction from one system to another is the concept of portability. When any C++ code has to be executed, then its extension changes from .cpp to .exe. Therefore, the language is portable.

4. Powerful- The availability of the broad spectrum of data types, control statements, functions and decision-making statements and many more.

5. Compiler-based- All the programs developed using C++ language have to be compiled before execution.

6. Syntax-based- Every source code line has to be written following a syntax.

7. Language efficiently use pointers-
Application of the source codes of the language become more effective with the proper use of pointers in it.


Enhanced definition of the abstract data type
Uses less compiled time and that’s why it's efficient
Suitable for complicated and large projects
Ease of maintenance and modification of the source codes as new objects
Inheritance properties of the language decrease the complexity level
Supports both procedure and object-oriented programming


A large number of companies use C++ programing language, and that is why the need of the C++ programmers is high in the industry. The students if are confused can rely on the future perspectives of the language and think of making a career in it. But make sure you also learn the updated version of the language, Modern C++ which C++ 11 and C++ 14.

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