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The increase in number of criminal activities such as murder, robbery and rapes have lead to a significant number of criminal cases being reported throughout the world on a daily basis. Criminal Lawyers work at providing justice to the victims of such crimes. If you also wish to serve the society by rendering your services as a criminal lawyer, then attaining a degree in a criminal law course will help you in fulfilling your aim. There are a number of universities in the world which offer a diverse range of criminal law courses. Out of them, Australian Universities are known to be the best. A list of various Australian Universities which offer criminal law courses to you, has been provided below:

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Universities in Australia offering Criminal Law Courses in Australia:

Universities in Australia offer both undergraduate and postgraduate criminal law courses. Undergraduate criminal law courses focus on introducing you to a wide range of criminal law subjects, whereas postgraduate criminal law courses help you attain specialization in a single field of study. Both these criminal law courses require you to devote different amounts of time to them. Undergraduate criminal law courses mostly range from a minimum of three to four years whereas postgraduate criminal law help you attain completion within a year and a half.

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Criminal Law Assignment Help services offered by us:

Criminal Law is a subject which many students find difficult to understand. This further makes it difficult for you to solve criminal law assignments. Thus, we at assignmenthelp4me offer our Criminal Law Assignment help services to help you solve your criminal law assignments with ease. Out of the large number of criminal law assignments which have been solved by us, some have been provided below as examples.


Cyber- crime

Cyber- crime is a vast topic which makes cyber law assignments based on cyber-crime, lengthy and time consuming in nature. If you find it difficult to solve these cyber law home-works, our experts at cyber law will assist you in solving your cyber law assignments in a proper and plagiarism free manner.



You being a criminal law student, get to solve a number of assignments on cyber-law. If you find it hard to complete these assignments on your own, our experts in criminal law can assist you in this task. With our high quality criminal law assignment help services we ensure that you get to have good grades in your assessments.


Criminal Law acts and sections

Many students like you, find it difficult to remember various criminal laws and acts. Therefore, solving criminal law assignments which are based on various laws and sections becomes a difficult task for you. Therefore, in order to help you deal with the tediousness of these assignments, we offer our criminal law assignment help services to you.

Quick facts to know- jargons of Criminal law


It is a concept of law under which the accused is released from custody of officers and his custody is handed over to someone he knows in person.

Criminal Case

It is defined as a legal case which deals with different types of criminal activities which are punishable by law.


A fraud is defined as an unethical conduct which involves dishonesty.


It is a term which is used to refer to a criminal defendant who is not found guilty of the charges applied on him.


A violation of an existing law is defined as an act of non-obedience to the law. Crime arises from the violation of laws. Thus, you come across this term while solving a number of criminal law assignments.

Scope of Criminal Law courses in Australia:

Criminal lawyers are in a high demand because of the increase in criminal activities which has taken place over the years. Thus, attaining a degree in a criminal law course offers a diverse range of job prospects to you. Adding on, these job prospects offer a high salary package to skilled criminal lawyers like you. Some of the job prospects which are available to you after attaining a degree in a criminal law course, have been mentioned below:

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