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Correctly formulating the doctoral thesis, choosing a good scientific method involves familiarizing oneself with concepts that are little used by modern professional society, such as knowledge theory, philosophy or demarcation theories. Having to opt for a particular method will force the doctorate to consider "what is the scientific method?". Soon you will discover that humanity has been struggling for centuries to answer that same question without unanimity in the scientific community. Already the pre-Socratic philosophers considered what the truth was and how to achieve it. Probably without being a philosopher, the doctoral student faces the reflection on the sources of true knowledge, or at least those of "his true knowledge". Like all human activity, the scientific method has evolved since ancient history. In this sense, it will be useful for the doctoral student to obtain manuals on the methodology of scientific research, the theory of knowledge or on the history of philosophy to become familiar with the most pressing concepts. The doctorate will be asked for a method and will have to justify it, so it would not be honest to choose it for convenience without fully understanding it or without having valued others. This is one of the most enriching aspects of the research process and possibly the one that gives the future doctor more confidence. The doctor, as well as an expert in a specific area of knowledge, should know the foundations and evolution of philosophy.


It is advisable to be alert about the "doctoral crisis". This usually happens towards the end of the process when the writing is already very advanced and can take multiple forms: to verify that the work that has been done is insufficient; mistakenly assume that the chosen theme has no real interest; assume that you do not have enough talent to successfully complete or have to review the work and improve it tirelessly. Working on a doctorate is to tirelessly dominate the game of the ‘nth’: the umpteenth number of revision of the data, making umpteenth time corrections, review the nth number of articles, read the nth number of books, incorporate the nth number of recommendations of the director. And when everything is finished, we have to do the umpteenth time final readings that will invite us to do the umpteenth number of corrections, only to discover that we have to review it umpteenth times again.

But everything has a limit and to end the work is part of the many management decisions of the doctoral student. It must be taken into account that "you only know how to write a thesis when the thesis has already been written". The time will come to end the work when the doctoral student is more mature as a researcher and fixes the imperfections of work. You will realize that, if you had to repeat the work, you would do it differently, better. When you really know how to research and write a thesis is when it has already been finished. This observation must be internalized naturally to avoid the temptation to redo the thesis in depth. By its own initiatory nature, the doctoral thesis is imperfect. The doctor can use their new skills to undertake more solvent investigations.

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