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Cyberlaw is all about the law related to the internet and its technologies. It is the latest term evolved in the legal system because of the rapid pace development of the internet technology. Its main motive is to provide legal protection to the people on the internet. It can also be referred to as the “law of internet”.


The cyber law includes two main parts:
  • Cybercrime
  • Cybersecurity

The legal cybersecurity helps in safeguarding people from the cybercrime. It helps in finding out the weak areas of the computers and networks. ISO 27001 is standard for international cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is the policy focused on providing guidance to the people who are suspected to be harmed or attacked by cybercrime, whether it is an individual, business or government. The countries are trying to promote the cybersecurity for the prevention of cybercrime.

An act was also passed on information technology by the government in 2000. The law focuses on secured data transmission on the internet.

The cybersecurity can also be improved by providing information about it. The below-mentioned practices can help the businesses to improve the cybersecurity:
  • Providing training to the employees.
  • The recruitment of cybersecurity certified employees.
  • Awareness of the security threats.


Against people

These are the crimes that occur against people and affect their lives. Cyber harassment and stalking, spoofing, hacking the accounts or credit card details, using someone’s identity etc.

Against property

The crimes against property are also a part of cybercrime. There can be crimes like transmission of the virus, typosquatting, DDOS attacks and copyright infringement.

Against government

The case of committing a crime against the government is considered as the matter of sovereignty of the nation and can be a reason for war. It includes the access of confidential information, pirated software, cyber terrorism or warfare.


The importance of cyberlaw is increasing every year because of the increase in cybercrimes. Here are some latest trends that are updated in the cyberlaw:

  • Latest regulations with more strictness.
  • Reinforcement of the present laws.
  • Awareness about the issues related to the privacy.
  • Cloud computing.
  • The vulnerability of the virtual currency.

Cyberlaw agencies and the Government focuses on creating the awareness of the people on these issues. 


It is important for the organisations to build cybersecurity strategies. It has the following areas:


Cybercrime can be prevented by building a strong ecosystem. The main concepts covered under ecosystem are:
  • Authentication
  • Automation
  • Interoperability
It can be helpful in the prevention of attacks such as hacking, attrition, malware, theft of equipment, insider attacks etc.


To comply with the standards of security, it is important to have an assured framework. It will also influence the business and the government to work together.

Open standards

The security can be improved to a great extent with open standards. It allows easy access to security for the individuals and businesses. Open standards are quite helpful in improving the economic growth and development of new technology.

Strengthening regulations

It is directly about the cyber law which can be improved by the government. The government can also hire agencies who can handle cybercrime and law. It also involves training and education, implementation of new technology and cybersecurity.

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