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Define Information and communication technology (ICT)?

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Define Information and communication technology (ICT)?

  • 07/02/2019

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Information and communication technology is defined as the technology that is used to handle overall telecommunication, Broadcast media and management systems. It is used to monitor network based systems. As per my view point, ICT has been used in several sectors in an appropriate manner. This technology enables modern computing in the devices. This technology is adopted by most of the organization’s. There are different components of Information and communication technology are as stated below:

·       Cloud computing.

·       Software.

·       Internet access.

·       Data.

·       Hardware.

·       Transactions.

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ICT is the abbreviated form of Information and Communication Technology. This technology is required for processing information. CT is the extended term of IT (information technology) With the help of ICT, processed information can be stored, convert, transmit information anywhere and at any time. Nowadays ICT plays an important role in different sectors such as education, Bank, Industry, E-commerce. The various strengths of ICT are -Information and communication technology is inexpensive, it is independent of distance and climatic conditions, it can serve multiple audiences at single etc. as according to me, every technology is susceptible to various kind of cyber-attacks. Thus, vulnerabilities associated with ICT are-

·       The sensitive data of organization are also stored in centralized storage space. It might be a chance of data loss in future due to natural uncertainties,

·       It requires high startup and infrastructure cost.

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Information and communication technology(ICT) defined as the part of information technology that includes networks, cell phones, and other communication medium to access information. As per my analysis, information and communication technology uses the telecommunication technology, network components, applications and systems to facilitate users and organizations to interact in the digital world. ICT technology supports activities involving information gathering, storing, processing, with the inclusion of collaboration and communication. ICT is the rapidly growing technology and has huge influence on people’s life. It has changed the way of communicating, learning and living in people’s life.

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