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Explain the concept of “Positioning analysis”?

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Explain the concept of “Positioning analysis”?

  • 05/02/2019

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a)     Market positioning was introduced by Jack Trout in 1969. The paper of ‘positioning analysis’ was published by Industrial Marketing Campaign. Positioning analysis is a process where the consumer consciousness becomes very meaningful. It is the concept where the organization builds the image of their product and services among the target consumers. In other words, Positioning analysis helps in creating a perception of the goods and services among the target audience. The market positioning is based on the information of the business and compose the accurate chain of words for balancing the concept of distinction, differentiation and similarity in a unified brand – narrative. The different steps of effective positioning analysis are as follows - 

·        Determine the positioning statement

·        Identify and compare the uniqueness by using different communication channels and competitors’ strategies

·        Analyze the competition

·        Determine the existing market position

·        Develop a distinct positioning idea

·        Test brand positioning

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a)     The positioning analysis is a strategic process that involves the positioning of the product in different ways for creating an image within the mind of the target consumer. In other words, it is the process of creating an image of the product among the customers. Positioning helps the organization to build its strong identity, produce distinct type of products and services, unique target audience etc. Positioning analysis is an organized attempt which influences the target audience by positive perceived value. Let’s take some example of positioning – The Bisleri brand positions their product in terms of Purity, another brand named Create Tyre positions their products in terms of better grip. Some of the well-established positioning strategies are described as - 

·        Technology positioning – The example of technology positioning is –Microsoft for computer market, Oracle as a database software

·        Benefit positioning – It is the stronger positioning because it answers the questions that are asked by the consumers. These questions are – What is the benefit for using the product and services

·        Product or Service attributes – It includes the features of the product such as – size, speed, ingredients, color etc.

·        Repositioning strategies – it is the process of creating a new or modify the existing brand of the company.

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a)     The concept of Positioning analysis involves the experiences of the customers rather than awareness created by the advertising and any promotional methods. It is the process where market determines that how to communicate the attributes of the products to the target audience which is based on the needs of the customers, communication channels and competitive pressures.  The method of Pricing, channels of distribution and promotion are used to maximize the effectiveness of positioning strategy. Apart from it, the effectiveness in positioning analysis ensures that the messages of the marketing resonate with target consumers.  Positioning of the products and services should be simple, unique and creative.

The concept of Positioning involves –

·        Functional concept – Functional concept of Positioning analysis provide the benefits to the customers and solve problems to the customers.  

·        Experiential concept – Experiential concept provide cognitive and sensory stimulation. 

·        Symbolic concept – It involves identification of ego, affective fulfilment, enhancement of self-image and social belongingness.

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