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What are different routing protocols in networking?

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What are different routing protocols in networking?

  • 11/02/2019

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In networking, routing plays a very important role to manage and control overall data packet delivery in an effective manner. To delivering data packet over the network, different routing protocols are stated below:

1.     Routing information protocols (RIP)- Routing information protocol is a tactful protocol type which is used in the local area network (LAN) as well as wide area network (WAN).

2.     Interior gateway routing protocol (IGRP).

3.     Open shortest path first (OSPF).

4.     Exterior gateway routing protocol (EGRP).

5.     Border gateway protocol (BGP).

These protocols are very effective in successful data packet delivery as well as increasing network processing.

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Protocol is a set of rules that router use to communicate between source and destination. There are two types of routing protocol such as static routing protocol and dynamic routing protocol.

Static routing protocol- It is a type of routing protocol in which network administrator manually discover path to transmit packet from source to destination.

Dynamic routing protocol- As name suggested dynamic routing is a process of dynamically discovering a best path for the transfer of packet. Further dynamic routing protocol is categorised into two types namely distance vector routing protocol and link state routing protocol.

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Following are some routing protocols that are commonly used across various organisations:

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP): It is the core routing protocol of the internet and also responsible for maintaining internet protocol networks table that authorise the network for reaching the potentiality between various autonomous system (AS).

Exterior Gateway protocol (EGP): It is considered as the exterior gateway protocol for internet. The EGP is unlike path vector and distance vector protocol. Moreover, it is a topology as similar as the tree.

Open Shortest Path First (OSPF): The OSPF is an active routing protocol, which is used in the internet protocol. Mainly, it is considered as the link state routing protocol that includes the group of interior gateway protocol.

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