What are the advantages and Disadvantages of Augmented Reality?

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What are the advantages and Disadvantages of Augmented Reality?

Re:What are the advantages and Disadvantages of Augmented Reality?

  • Aug 10, 2020

Benefits of AR:

· The primary benefit of Augmented Reality is that it can be used by anyone including mentally and physically disabled individuals.

· It blurs the line of difference between the virtual and real world, thus increasing its usability and effectiveness in the area of application.

· It possesses a highly interactive nature which enable to assess several instances in advance.

· Success or failure of an instance can be determined by using the computing power of AR, thus saving a ton of money.

· It finds its heavy usage in the field of health, thus increasing the accuracy of diagnosis for diseases. Since now, it has saved lives of numerous patients.

Drawbacks of AR:

· One major drawback of AR based application is the lack of privacy

· AR based applications or devices cannot be leveraged without appropriate training thus increase costs and time involved

· There can be certain instances where such applications have recorded low performance, thus reducing the overall appeal of the package.

· It can get extremely costly to develop and maintain an AR based device or an application. 


Re:What are the advantages and Disadvantages of Augmented Reality?

  • Aug 10, 2020

Advantages of Augmented Reality: -

· It provides a much-enhanced sense of reality than any other technology in use.

· It reduces the difference between what is digitally generated, and which is real in physical world.

· The instructions provided in the AR based application makes it easy to understand the workflow of the application.

· With the guided pathways, it delivers great user experience, thus offers better customer retention as well.

· It is also used by militaries across the world to simulate a battlefield before actually putting their lives at risk

Disadvantages of Augment Reality: -

· With so limited difference between reality and digital world, sometimes extreme conditions can be simulated which might prove to be dangerous for individuals.

· The applications or devices associated with AR technology suffers from lack of privacy thus putting user data at risk

· There is a huge list of hardware and software resources required for the implementation of AR technology. 


Re:What are the advantages and Disadvantages of Augmented Reality?

  • Aug 10, 2020

Pros of Augmented Reality (AR)

· The experience of applications developed using such technologies is of high order and delivers a great user experience.

· Such applications offer a great reality experience which makes it easy to use for almost any sought of person.

· The primary notion behind developing AR based applications is to increase the social interaction amongst individual, which it is successful at.

· It can be used to simulate several situations and help to predict the chances of success for such scenarios.

Cons of Augmented Reality (AR)

· The AR technology involves extremely high costs of development, implementation, and maintenance.

· The applications lay extraordinarily little emphasis on maintaining confidentiality of an individual.

· There can arise certain situations which can even lead to devastating accidents and huge health issues such as psychological effects


Re:What are the advantages and Disadvantages of Augmented Reality?

  • Feb 05, 2019

Augmented reality is one of the major and widely used technology in the modern era. It is very advantageous for domestic as well as international organizations as it provides a framework through which better outcomes of visualization can be achieved. In order to implement or use augmented reality enabled applications. Some advantages and disadvantages are arising. Augmented reality has many advantages and disadvantages in several prominent fields such as business sector, education sector, hospitality sector etc.

Valuable examples of augmented reality are virtual battlefield games such as Pokémon go.

Following are some advantages and disadvantages of augmented reality are:

Advantages of augmented reality-

·       Increase sales- With using augmented reality in e-commerce or online shopping, it is possible to visualize the object in its effective form before making a actual purchase. Augmented reality adds a value to the procurement process. Augmented reality enables attractive design module on the commercial site so that more interaction between user and vendor can be increased.

·       Effective content- Augmented reality is one of the major technology that performs several process in order to produce improved content module on the commercial site so that intended users can take advantage in a synchronized manner.

·       Augmented reality systems operates simultaneously so that real world experience can be enhanced.’

·       It enhances perceptions and interactions with the real world.

·       Less time consuming process is augmented reality.

·       It can be applied to part of training programs so that overall productivity is increased.

·       Improved framework so that more users interacted in a synchronized manner.

Disadvantages of augmented reality-

·       It is very expensive to implemented and develop AR technology based projects and to maintain it.

·       It is very costly to develop AR enabled devices.

·       Lack of privacy is major drawback of AR.

·       Low performance level of AR devices is a major drawback which can be arise during testing phase.

·       Augmented reality can cause mental health issues.

·       Lack of security may affect the overall augmented reality principle.

·       Extreme engagement with AR technology can lead to major healthcare issues such as eye problems and obesity etc.


Re:What are the advantages and Disadvantages of Augmented Reality?

  • Feb 05, 2019

Augmented reality has become part of the user’s life and rapidly growing field of technology. The technology used mostly in augmented reality app development. Some industrial fields that are use augmented reality are commercial, educational, and entertainment. These app depicts real life scenario. It offers many benefits to users and enhance user experience in virtual visualization.

Advantages of Augmented reality:

Ø  With the help of augmented reality, life’s activities become easy and fun.

Ø  One of the biggest advantage of augmented reality is its use in education field. With the implementation of augmented reality into education, students’ interaction and engagement in study increases. It helps to nurture learning process and increase student participation in classes. Thus, enriched way of learning.

Ø  Augmented application like LookTel recognizer, Qualcomm helps intellectually disabled workers in their day to day activities and make their life easy.

Ø  With the help of Augmented reality, individuals are able to access more relevant information according to their need and in a very less time.

Ø  Home appliances become smart with the integration of Augmented reality. For example, refrigerator could write and tell shopping list for users.

Ø  Video games experience is improved as it enriches virtual visualization experience of users. Real life example of video game that implement augmented reality is POKEMON GO.

Ø  It helps in efficient diagnosis of disease and made patient’s life safer. Due to implementation of augmented reality in medical industry, physicians are able to detect disease at early stage.

Disadvantages of augmented reality:

Ø  Though it provides numerous benefits to user and organizations, but it also associated some disadvantages that should be eliminated.

Ø  There are many security and privacy issues in implementing augmented reality applications. Considering the fact that open architecture of the augmented reality applications is more vulnerable to cyber-attacks and threats.

Ø  Implementation of augmented reality and hardware and software implementation is much costly.

Ø  With the use of augmented reality, participation in real world is restricted in individual’s life.

Ø  Individual’s perception is narrowed-down with the capabilities of augmented reality.

Ø  With the continue usage of augmented reality applications can effect on human health and may cause low eyesight.

Ø  Use of augmented reality can diminish real world reality.


Re:What are the advantages and Disadvantages of Augmented Reality?

  • Feb 05, 2019

The advantages of AR technology are-

·       Through AR technology users can interact with real world in real time.

·       AR technology also enhances the perceptive power of humans.

·       AR technology facilitates the users to ubiquitously and timely access to information that is required.

·       It saves the time of users (doctors, surgeons, students etc.) on searching information about particular topic.

·       AR technology recognizes user’s freehand gestures and saves electricity to large extent.

·       Due to AR technology, information become more realistic.


Disadvantages of AR technology are-

·       Many of the smartphones do not possess capability of feeing the external camera in real time.

·       AR technology could lead to people becoming more dependent on devices this may cause large number of health-related issues.

·       AR technology is not equipped with security policies. Intruder can hack the AR-based devices and can manipulate the devices according to their needs.

·       It is expensive to develop AR based systems and its maintenance is also very expensive.


Re:What are the advantages and Disadvantages of Augmented Reality?

  • Feb 05, 2019

Following are some advantages or benefits of the Augmented reality:

·       The lines between the virtual and rea world are minimized because of the Augmented reality (AR).

·       It improves the interactions and perceptions with the real-world.

·       It can be used by anyone according the applications.

·       The Augmented Reality (AR) system is impressively interactive in nature and works simultaneously with the real time environment.

·       Patient’s life becomes safer than earlier because of its applications present in the medical healthcare sector. AR helps the diagnose process in an efficient manner.

·       By testing the critical situations, it can save money in order to confirm the success without actually implementing in real time.

Following are the disadvantages or drawbacks of Augmented reality (AR):

·       The primary concern of the Augmented Reality (AR) is privacy.

·       It is costly to accomplish and maintain an AR oriented project. Furthermore, production of the Augmented Reality devices also costly.

·       In the Augmented reality (AR), the people involve themselves and missing out the essential moments.

·       Low performance level is a concern that requires to be introduced while testing the process.


Re:What are the advantages and Disadvantages of Augmented Reality?

  • Feb 05, 2019