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What are the applications of Augmented Reality in education sector?

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What are the applications of Augmented Reality in education sector?

  • 05/02/2019

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Augmented reality have some major applications in the education sector are as outlined below:

Ø  Augmented reality enables Accessible learning materials- Augmented reality is very advantageous in the education sector. Augmented reality has the potential to replace overall paperwork i.e. textbooks, posters and manual writing stuff etc. Augmented reality enables a portable and less costly learning experience to user’s so that effective customer satisfaction rate is achieved.

Ø  Higher student engagement and interest-  Effective gamified augmented reality framework is very advantageous for users in order to provide better learning services and possess positive influence on students. Augmented reality is very helpful in increasing the overall engagement of students with technology.

Ø  Practical learning- Apart from schooling, augmented reality enables some processes which may enhance the overall practical experience of students as well as professionals. It is very helpful in order to enhance practical skills set of individuals in any respective area in an effective manner.

Ø  Safe and efficient workplace training-  Augmented reality applications are effectively applicable for all workplaces and training criteria. It is used in order to provide effective training at workplaces which can help the organization in order to increase overall morale of students and employees in an effective manner.

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Augmented reality in education has changed the traditional learning process. Augmented reality brings lot of change in traditional learning by introducing new and innovative way of studying. It provides many benefits and application to bring creativity and innovation in study. Following are some areas where augmented reality is implemented to enhance the level of education.

Augmented Reality Classrooms: Augmented reality animated content is used in classroom lessons to catch students’ attention and make learning process more creative and interactive. With the implementation of AR in classrooms and labs, students able to experience and visual 3D models of concepts. It would give students a wider understanding of topics.

Object modelling: Augmented reality facilitates and enable to interact with 3D models. With the implementation of AR, students are able to use 3D object modelling in their study. This would help them to earn a better knowledge of any lesson.

Training: Considering the fact that theoretical knowledge is not enough to obtain proper skills in professional areas. Students need practical knowledge to obtain proper skills. Augmented reality features students a virtual practice with augmented tutorials, digital modelling, and simulations, and acquire enables them to gain some experience in the end.

Augmented reality education apps: Element 4D, AugThat, Anatomy 4D, and Corinth Micro Anatomy are the examples of augmented reality apps that are used by students and teachers in order to change traditional way of learning. Math alive, Bugs 3D, Arloon Plants, Quiver and Chromvile are some augmented reality applications for kids, which give them creative and innovative environment of learning. 

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AR technology is used in different areas such as- health care, education, amusement, and business. With the help of AR technology, user can interact with the real world environment. The development and evolvement of AR technology are still under investigation. AR technology is used in education sector that facilitates the students to get real-life practical experience. Some of the applications of this technology in education sector are-

E-Book: This is an augmented book in which physical interface relying on AR technology. This book is used by engineering students to learn about mechanical objects. AR technology can be used in the labs where students can effectively learn about the experiments and gain practical experience. Through AR systems students can able to gain practical experience and may enhance the placement opportunity in future.

AR technology facilitates teachers to teach spatial concepts to the students. With the help of AR technology, students can able to visualize knowledge objects. AR technology improves literacy rate to large extent and students can increase their understanding of real environment with the help of this technology.

AR technology creates a platform where students got opportunity for authentic learning. It provides unique discovery path to students. The mathematical problems can be solved using AR in higher education. Visualizing concept is more powerful than words thus AR improves the efficient and memorizing power of students. AR possesses capability of engaging students for whole time without getting lethargic.

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Augmented Reality (AR) in education can serve many purposes. Further, the AR helps the student to easily remember information, process, and acquire. Along with this, the Augmented Reality (AR) makes learning itself to engage more people with the fun. It is also limited to the similar level or age group of education and can be used equally well in overall levels of schooling. From the nursery schools to the college or even at work places. Following are some benefits of the Augmented Reality in the education sector:

Accessible learning material: The AR has the ability to serve the users from remote location. The AR reality has the capability to replace the printed manuals, posters, physical models and paper text books.

No special equipment is needed: Unlike the Virtual reality, augmented reality does not need any expensive hardware. Because 73% of all the students presently own a smartphone, AR technologies are immediately available for the use for the majority of the target audience.

Higher student interest and engagement: Interactive, and interesting graphics can have a positive impact on the students.

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