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What are the benefits of SDN?

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What are the benefits of SDN?

  • 11/02/2019

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Software defined network is one of the major approach through which overall networking sector is improved. Major benefits of Software defined network are as follows:

Benefits of SDN.

1.     Lower costs.

2.     Holistic management

3.     High speed and agility.

4.     Less downtime.

5.     Increased security.

6.     Cloud abstraction.

7.     Centralised network provisioning.

8.     Reduced operational costs.

Software defined network plays a very significant role in the overall networking scenarios.

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Benefits of software-defined networking are-

1.     Centralisation- Higher authorities of organisation can able to view entire network of organisation through SDN.

2.     Management- By implementing SND, organisation can able to change the configuration of the network and can manage the working of network accordingly.

3.     Less expensive- The network is virtually managed by implementing SDN. Thus, cost incurred on hardware such as switches, hubs, router can be reduced to large extent. SDN can virtually control, access, route, switch packets.

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SDN provides a simplified and centralised network management for enterprises, which can be consider as a major benefit. But in terms of the particular advantages, vendors are making various claims, but the most common and general advantages of software defined networking are traffic programmability, implementing network automation, greater agility and ability to create policy driven network provision. Following are some of the particular advantages of software defined networking:

·       Provides centralised network provisioning.

·       Holistic enterprise management

·       More granular security

·       Lower operating costs

·       Hardware savings and reduced capital expenditures 

·       Cloud abstraction

·       Guaranteed content delivery

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