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What are the Different PaaS Providers?

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What are the Different PaaS Providers?

  • 19/04/2019

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According to me, PaaS is an acronym of the platform as a service that is one of the major pillars of cloud computing which provides hardware and software tools in a better way. In PaaS, hardware, as well as software services, are provided by the third party. Generally, the PaaS provider hosts the overall hardware and software services on its own.
There are several PaaS service providers are:
• Acquia Cloud
• Amazon AWS
• Amazon elastic cloud
• App42PaaS
• AppAgile
• Appfog
• Appharbor

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In general, the PaaS platform is provided by many platform providers to their clients in order to increase their processes appropriately. Here are some key PaaS service providers that advance the overall user’s experience.
• Apprenda
• Appscale
•  BitNami
• Bluemix
• Cloud 66
•  CloudBees
• Dokkur

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PaaS platforms play a very crucial role in Cloud computing. To improve user’s experiences, there are some key PaaS providers are:
• Engine Yard
• Google App Engine
• Heirloom PaaS
• Heroku
• Jelastic
• Mendix

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Different PaaS service providers that increase user’s experiences as well as organizational processes. 
• Microsoft Azure
• OpenShift Online
• Oracle Cloud PaaS
• Pivotal Web services
• PodSpace
• Scalingo
• Standing Cloud

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