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What are the ethical issues associated with the project?

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What are the ethical issues associated with the project?

  • 11/02/2019

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During project development or execution, there are several ethical and legal issue that may damage the overall functionality of the project. Following ethical issues

·       Privacy- Privacy is one of the major ethical issue that can be harmful for overall society. With the lack of privacy in the society, overall security of user’s and organisation will breach and This issue may weak overall society both mentally and emotionally.

·       Conflicts of Interest.

·       Favourizm and prejudice.

·       Backstabbing.

·       Making shady deals.

These issues are very harmful for users and organisations.

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Instead of only ensuring the profit maximization, the project manager and development team members should also fulfil their corporate and ethical social responsibilities. Following are the overview of some of the common ethical issues associated with the project development:

Backstabbing: It is highly unethical to backstab someone, which is very common in an organization. Especially, the senior member of a team member always backstabs the junior members.

Violation of basic right of workers: Most of the project managers misuse their privileges by violating the general rights of organizations.

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Given below are the ethical issues associated with project-

·       Using open source code-  Open source code is a code that is easily accessible and available to the users. Use of open source code causes ethical issue because there is restriction and obligation to provide credit for use. There are three types of open source codes namely- licensed source code, credited source code, public domain.

·       Using illegal software’s- Some of the organizations use illegal software’s. illegal software’s are that kind of software’s that are not licensed.

·       Reverse engineering code- This process also cause ethical issues and this process adversely affects the productivity of the organization.  In reverse engineering process, engineer can backtrack the code in order to reveal source code of the project.

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