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What are the implementation areas of Augmented Reality?

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What are the implementation areas of Augmented Reality?

  • 05/02/2019

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Augmented reality is playing a vital role in the modern era technology so that users can experience great visual experience. Augmented reality can be implemented in following sectors are as listed:

·       Healthcare.

·       Travel.

·       Gaming.

·       Education.

·       Business.

Healthcare- Like other major technologies such as artificial intelligence. The impact of augmented reality can be very high on healthcare industry. Nowadays, all the major scanned reports such as X-ray and some other reports can be effectively visualized. By using augmented reality, overall complexity of problem solving is reduced and problems are solved in an effective manner.

Travel- Augmented reality applications can be used effectively in the tour and travel sector. Now, augmented reality applications can be used in order to plan and schedule all the travel criteria and trip scenario in a synchronized manner.

Gaming-  Augmented reality applications can be enhanced overall gaming experience of users. Nowadays, games like PUBG, POKEMON GO and ZOOMBIE GO etc. are fully enabled with augmented reality concepts which may effectively improve user’s gaming experience by visualizing all the visuals in a realistic manner.

Business- Business is one of the major field that is enabled with augmented reality concepts. Now, most of the major business or marketing companies such as Sephora implementing augmenting reality in their respective fields so that overall market value of the organization will increase. Thus, augmented reality applications which may contain 3D or 4D images so that more customers will be focusing towards business or business scenario. Augmented reality can be used effectively to improve customer relationship with the business. This may lead to effective productivity of the organization.

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Augmented reality has been widely spread and accepted by peoples and industries. After integration of augmented reality with android and iOS smartphones, augmented capabilities came into its own with the public. Augmented reality apps are being developed from gaming to construction to AR browsers, thus using in many industries. Following are the implementation areas of Augmented reality are explained.

Augmented reality in healthcare: This is the main promising area where augmented enables medical professionals to analyses and diagnosis disease before reaches to critical stage. With the utilization of augmented reality, training of medical students in AR environment enables them to interact with patients. AccuVein is the real life example of augmented reality app that is using to scan the vein network of a patient and helps to reduce escalations.

Augmented reality in Navigation: Augmented reality is integrated with GPS to locate and navigate. It helps to locate particular location and improves the navigation result by combining smartphone camera with the GPS. Users are able to see the selected route over the live view.

Augmented reality implementation in Military: Augmented reality has been implemented and used by the armed forces. Armed forces use this technology for advance navigation, marking objects in real time. One of the augmented app that is used by army is HUD (Heads-Up Display) and used to display fighter pilot’s view. It used to display altitude, airspeed, horizon lines.

Augmented Reality in Gaming: Gaming applications in augmented reality are on the upswing. Augmented reality integrates with smart phones, superimposing mythical creatures over landscape. Spec Trek, Ghost Snap AR, Ingress, and Pokémon Go are some examples that shows the trend of augmented reality in gaming.

Augmented reality in Education: Augmented reality changes the way of study and makes study more interactive and interesting for students. Augmented reality has made its way to the classroom, increasing the engaging and interactive elements that many students are benefitting from. Augmented reality classrooms, labs, and playgrounds provides new and innovative study environment to students and enhances the level of education.

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The implementation areas and future of AR technology are- Military, medical, education, and gaming.

·       Military and defense area- The naval officer can use AR systems for navigation purpose. Along with that AR, systems facilitate the naval department by providing vital information about their surroundings.

·       Medical field- AR technology facilitates the doctors to superimpose a virtually generated image from an MRI onto patient’s body. This may be helpful for the doctors and surgeons to pinpoint a tumor in the brain to remove.

·       Education sector- AR technology can be used in the labs where students can effectively learn about the experiments and gain practical experience. Through AR systems students can able to gain practical experience and may enhance the placement opportunity in future.

·       Gaming field- AR technology is recently used in gaming field namely Pokémon Go. In virtual images are superimposed on real-world images in real time.

·       Designing field- AR technology is one of the technology that can be used in machinery system designing.

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The augmented reality has been implemented for many years but it was not got any publicity till the android and IOS was shown up. The iOS and Android came along with the equipped GPS, AR capability and camera, by which the augmented reality came into the real-world. There is various sector in which the Augmented reality is implemented in an effective manner:

·       Handheld AR Equipment: As the long list of AR software development is increasing rapidly for the iOS and android application for its mobile devices provides developers the tools they required to add AR components their applications.

·       AR Headsets: The devices like Microsoft’s HoloLens or the oculus headsets. These types of high-end headsets were eagerly awaited by all the individual, but due to the expensive price of these devices, they cannot afford.

·       AR Application: The tablet, pc and smartphone applications for the AR concentrates on games, but the utilizations of Augmented reality are much broader. The possible educational and commercial application are unlimited.

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