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What are the implications of Augmented Reality?

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What are the implications of Augmented Reality?

  • 05/02/2019

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Typically, augmented reality applications has wide range of applications which is used in the modern era. There are some implications and challenges that are faced while implementation of augmented reality is stated below:

Implications of augmented reality.

·       Security implications.

·       Costing implications.

·       Technical implications.

Security implications- It is one of the major implication or challenge that is faced by augmented reality in today’s scenario. Security is the main concern for any field. As augmented reality framework is open source so probability of data and security breach is increased. Due to its open framework, confidential data of user’s or organization will be at stake. As augmented reality framework consists of browsers, servers and other activities, malicious intruders or hackers can easily hack the overall system access in order to breach the security principle of augmented reality systems.

Costing implications-  Costing is one of the major implication that augmented reality is facing nowadays. To establish augmented reality systems, cost is very high. Costing issue is faced by augmented reality reduces the overall system experience. Major companies such as HTC and Oculus upwards of very healthy cost of $600 in the development of headset and controller’s combo. System developed under augmented reality concepts is of high cost and low quality scenario. Improper budgeting issue is also outlined under costing implications.

Technical implications- Technical implication of augmented reality system arises during system development phase. Improper coding concept and other issues may affect the overall development design process of augmented reality very adversely.

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It is true that Augmented reality provides numerous features to individuals and organizations, but implementation of augmented reality in a real world is still a big challenge and have many implications. Implications that are associated with Augmented reality, are explained below.

·       Insufficient business models: There are not well defined business model to implement augmented reality in business. Though it is widely accepted and used by many organizations but lack of standards and business models cause problems in implementation and degradation in Augmented reality apps performance.

·       Security and Privacy implications in Augmented reality: There is no actual regulation that describe what is allowed and what is not in the augmented reality environment. Due to open architecture of augmented reality and inconsistency in AR programming, there is more chance of cyber-attacks and threats.

·       Social implications in Augmented reality: Public acceptance and retention towards augmented reality are the biggest concern in the implementation and survival of augmented reality. This problem is rise because most of the people are not aware of the benefits of augmented reality in various fields.

·       Technical implications: Implementation of a complex system like augmented reality requires advance hardware and software components, up-to date content, and processors. Availability of all these components is essential to successful implementation of augmented reality in some applications and still remain a challenge in the area of augmented reality. 

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The challenges imposed on the augmented reality are as follows-
Environment- Our environment is already having a wide variety of diversity, which causes many problems in the generation of virtual images in real-world environment. the augmented reality faced the challenges imposed by the environment such as Lighting and weather conditions, these are very uncertain circumstances. The quality of the image and graphics got deteriorated with a large number of outliners and divergences.

GRS supporting devices-  This is one of the major implication of augmented reality. Many of the phones are not intended with inbuilt GPS support due to which AR technology fails to operate.

Incompatible Display devices- The quality of the virtual objects get deteriorated and diminished due to incompatible hardware devices thus it require advance hardware components.

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The Augmented reality (AR) has developed a stir and several consumers are wondering that how this new technology will actually have an impact on them as it becomes more widely used. For anyone who uses the android or IOS smartphones for the daily activities, AR is the future, which will enable the users to experience a reality that is based on the desires and personal needs. Augmented reality (AR) will present the entire new manner to engage and expand the retailers’ abilities too. The possibilities of augmented reality (AR) are typically endless and when combined with the mobile device technology. The augmented reality (AR) is also have strong impact on the society. The advertisement and marketing fields will explore the AR devices. The applications of mobile, which are being developed will provide facial recognition software, which will mainstream as quickly as possible. Along with the positive impact it also has negative aspects associated with the AR devices such as attacks and malwares. There is always a high possibility of cyber-attacks with the AR mobile platform.

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