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What are the information assets of an organization?

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What are the information assets of an organization?

  • 04/02/2019

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An information asset is a body of information that has a capability of reducing the overall future revenue and future costs in a synchronized manner. In an organization, information assets play a very important role in order to get all the information of an organization effectively. It is organized and managed in a single entity.

Following are some examples of information assets in an organization:

v Strategy.

v Products and services.

v Intellectual property.

v Trade secrets.

v Projects.

v Training materials.

v Marketing media information.

v Customers lists.

v Operations.

v Financial.

v Decision support.

v Legal and Compliance.

v Research and development.

Description of these examples are as follows:

Strategy-  Here information is gathered via strategies, plans, goals and overall objectives that is very effective in order to gain higher business opportunities in future.

Products and Services- It is one of the major information asset that an organization consider. In this assets, all the information of products and other services, customer data is outlined easily in an effective manner.

Projects- Information about inflight projects such as requirements and project plan and other entities are easily collected so that organization can easily maintain and develop overall project design.

Training materials-  Information of all the training programs are very effective so that training of employees becomes very easy.

Decision support- Information tools and data that are used in such a way so that improved decision support is achieved.

Financial- Information related to financial and other processes are also considered as information asset of an organization.

Copyrights and patents of an organization are also come under information asset of an organization.

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The information asset is a body of knowledge, which is managed and organized as a single entity. As the organizational information assets have financial value, which is essential to protect from the third party or from the outsider. That value of the asset improves in direct relationship to various people who has the ability to use the information. As the information can have the limited life cycle, it tends to the depreciate over time, as number of other types of corporate asset shows and how appropriately the information can stay over time. in some of the organizations, the unused information can be considered as the liability. An information asset can be the knowledge of an organization such as the business process, information, essential data of customer and organization. An information asset can be characterized as per the criteria, not only by its relative frequency or importance of use. For example, data can separate intentionally, when it was created, where it was created or which departments or personnel use it more often. A data characterization system can be executed to make the information assets of organization that is easy to identify maintain and share.

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An organization’s information asset treated as single entity which have financial value. An information asset is a knowledge entity that is managed to access, share, protect, and modify. The information represented by an asset usually have a short life cycle and depreciate over times as do many other types of organization assets. An information asset owned information, system, or hardware in an organization and are used in business activities. In information security, assets must be protected from unauthorized access and cyber-attacks. 

Information assets:

·       Confidential information: Trade secrets, policies, procedures are all information assets of an organization. Confidential information should be protected from malicious attacks in order to protect intellectual rights of the organization.

·       Database: Each entry in the database treated as single entity of information asset. The collection of pieces of data can be considered one information asset. Privacy of data should be maintained in order to ensure the security of the data.

·       Project data: All files associated with a specific project are also considered as information asset that needs to be protected from unauthorized access.

·       Client lists: Data about clients, their contact information, contract details are considered as one information asset.

·       Training material and marketing media: content that are used to train employees and marketing media such as advertisements content are also information assets of an organization.

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Information asset is defined as anything that has value to the organization. the software and hardware-software are not considered to be an information asset of organization. every organization use information in order to fulfil their goals. Information assets could be any organizational information such as customer data, employee’s data, proprietary data, intellectual property data etc. that have value to the organization. every organization having two type of assets namely- primary assets and secondary assets. Primary assets are known as information assets where as hardware, software, network, organizational structure are come under the category of secondary assets.

Electronic record management system- it is one of the important information assets of organization in which records of the employees are stored. electronic data such as email, audio recordings, multimedia collections are stored in electronic record management system.

Intellectual property of organization- it is also considered as one of the information assets which include organization trademarks, copyrights, and patents.

Sales collaterals- the data related selling activities, accounting data and financial reports come under information assets of an organization.

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