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What are the key factors of privacy and confidentiality in knowledge management?

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What are the key factors of privacy and confidentiality in knowledge management?

  • 04/02/2019

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KM system is susceptible to various cyber security attacks. There are various threats that can degrade the working of knowledge management system. the main purpose of knowledge management system is to transform the raw data to knowledgeable facts so that the generated knowledge can be used by the organization to enhance their productivity. It is the main responsibility of organization to use protection mechanism to ensure that system will not been misused by anyone. Organization should need to consistently view the security mechanisms in order to avoid cyber threat. There are various types of threats that are associated with KM system namely- natural disaster, technical failures, management failure, technical failure etc.

Natural disaster- natural disaster causes huge damage to the information that is stored in the KM system.  So it’s the responsibility of the organization to keep log files so that data can be recovered again and organization will not face huge loss.

Technical failure-it might be possible that KM system will suffer from hardware or software failure.

Management failure- if organization will not use updated KM system then also affects the operational strategy of the organization.

The confidential and privacy information of the organization that is stored in KM system can be protected by the organization by using -updated KM system or by implement strong security mechanism in existing KM system. Confidentiality of KM system can be breached due to accidental disclosure of information, hacker curiosity to hack the KM system to illegally access the information.

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Knowledge management is about corporations sharing their resources and expertise, and enhances the value of organization by efficiently managing the resources. It is important for organization to protect their intellectual assets as security is critical in knowledge management. Though knowledge management has been using from past few decades, but with the advent of the technology, it expanded to more sophisticatedly and smoothly and emerged as a technology area. Intranet technology has been used to promote knowledge management in an organization. Data  mining, multimedia, and collaboration web technology are included in knowledge management, which makes it more vulnerable to attacks and threats. It is necessary to maintain privacy and confidentiality of trade secrets so that competitors cannot access to the information stored in knowledge management. The key factors that are related with the privacy and confidentiality are sharing, updating, adding, and providing information. Source of information is also included and have huge impact on privacy of data. Sometimes the information stored in knowledge management system represents trade secrets or confidential data, which must be protected from unauthorized access. Information should only be shared to authorized person, so that prevent from cyber-attacks or unauthorized access. In order to incorporate security architecture in knowledge management system, information sources, its components, extraction methods, and access levels must be identified.

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The significant nature of the knowledge management system occurs many security issues associated with the operations such as providing knowledge and information and in adding, sharing and updating the knowledge and information. Additionally, the knowledge management may not be thought as a critical system by the top management or even the technical professional, basically due to the significant may not be provided to its security. Thus, a few knowledge management security champions may require, who are responsible to educate others about the cost effectiveness and importance of the secure knowledge management system. Sometimes, the stored information in knowledge management represents specially developed procedures and technique that must be secured from external users and unauthorized employees. Along with this, an internal procedure of the system could be accessed by the unauthorized employees or outsider. Further, it leads to negative publicity and legal issues. If the system does not provide timely and accurate information then the quality of the provided services and product may get affected of the organization.

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Typically, most of the software companies develop knowledge management systems which is enabled by knowledge management. In this KMS, there are several privacy and confidentiality factors that may affect overall security of the KMS (knowledge management system). As security is major issue that knowledge management is facing, this may lead to overall reduction in processing speed of Knowledge management system.

Following are fewer security and privacy factors that are outlined below:

Security of confidential data- As security is the major issue in the knowledge management system. Some processes are performed on the confidential data so that overall security of all the confidential data is breached and the trust of all users are breached.

Sources of information.

Providing access- Providing unethical access to unauthorized users may affect the overall security of implementation of knowledge management.

Cyberattacks- Through cyberattacks attackers can effectively attack the servers of the system and steal overall confidential data which is one of the major issues with knowledge management system.

Database attacks - As database is one of the major security issue that can be faced by knowledge management system. As database is very essential for any organization, so protecting the database is very necessary. Some effective processes are performed by attackers so that overall security principle is breached. 

Lack of Encryption-  This security factor is one of the major issue that knowledge management system can face. Lack of encryption reduces overall accessibility of the knowledge management system. Some special algorithms are used in order to breach overall security.

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