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What are the Keys to good communication?

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What are the Keys to good communication?

  • 07/02/2019

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Communication is a message-sending, expressive, message receiving, process. Because of the problem in both the end of a process, communication failure can occur. Effective communication can usually achieve by sticking to some important points:

·       Get proper attention of people

·       Send clear messages

·       Be direct and honest at the same time

·       Ask for feedback to ensure to successful delivery of the message

·       Maintain eye contact

·       Do not interrupt while other people are speaking

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. Effective communication is important in daily life as well as in professional life. Good communication helps to resolve conflicts, maintain positive working and personal relationships, and reduces the stress associated with interpersonal interactions. Keys to good communication are:

§  Make sure that your nonverbal does not hinder your communication goals and should match with your message.

§  Eliminate or avoid distractions, noisy rooms, and choose a good time for communication with other party in order to make communication effective.

§  Be an active listener to ensure as effective communication starts with good listening. Listening is important in order to understand the other party’s perspective.

§  Ask questions and seek clarification to interprets message correctly.

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Communication is one of the important terminology that is used in the workplaces. Communication is defined as the process of message receiving and interact with someone. Effective communication is imperative in leadership. Following keys are used in effective communication are-

ü  Open Meeting.

ü  Expert judgment.

ü  Emails.

ü  Face to face.

ü  Use Visuals.

ü  Understand team members properly.

ü  Be Humorous.

ü  Encourage feedbacks.

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As we know that communication is a process of sharing ideas and thoughts so that common platform can be formed between sender and receiver. Following are the key to good communication-

*     Active listening- It is a process of accurately interpreting the messages. Active listening involves proper hearing, interpretation, evaluation and response.

*     Body language- It plays an important role in establishing effective communication channel between two entities. It is mandatory that sender remains at rest while delivering message so that message can properly.

*     Use of common language- It is an important key factor needed for establishing effective communication channel. Sender and receiver can able to communicate with each other if and only if they will create common communication platform.

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