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What are the pros and cons of ICT?

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What are the pros and cons of ICT?

  • 07/02/2019

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Typically, information and communication technology has several advantages and disadvantages in different sectors such as Education, Business and development etc. As per view point, ICT has become one of the major trending technology that is used or adopted by most of the business organization in order to enhance their profitability.

Following are some Pros and Cons of Information and communication technology are as listed below:

·       Highly accessible.

·       Mass Communication.

·       Social relief.

·       Cost effective

Cons of ICT are-

·       Nonverbal communication.

·       Laziness.

·       Less security.

·       Social isolation.

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Advantages of ICT are-

1.     With the use of information and communication technology, the time of the customers and providers would be saved.

2.     ICT facilitates the users to deliver information faster and timely over remote areas.

3.     With the help of ICT, the transactions can be successfully running and it also ensures safer and easier transfer of money from one account to another.

Disadvantages of ICT are-

1.     ICT is susceptible to various cyber-threats which may rise various risk in future.

2.     ICT limits the imagination and observance power of students in education domain.

3.     It also arises various health-related problems such as vision problem to students, heart-related problems to elder people etc.

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As per my analysis, ICT brought both positive and negative impacts on the society as well as in business organizations. Following are the benefits and drawbacks of the ICT explained:


·       ICT facilitates users with providing new communication methods and allowing to interact with others in real time with less cost.

·       With the implementation of information and communication technology, way of study has been changed. Students can access vast variety of study related material online, instead of looking for information in books only.


·       The biggest disadvantage of ICT is related with information security issues. The technology provides various ways for fraudsters to gain access to personal details, which could result in loss of money and reputation.

·       Implementation of ICT is much costly.

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As per my point of view, the efficient usage of information and communication technology gives a lot of benefits to an organization, but at the same time it also makes some group of employees unemployed. There are many advantages that are associated with the organizations such as:

·       Communication enhancement

·       Reduces Cultural and Globalization gap

·       Creation of new types of jibs

·       Increase services availability

·       Increases productivity and cost effectiveness

There are many disadvantages that are associated with the organizations such as:

·       Increases Unemployment and lack of job security

·       Increases Dominant culture within the workplace

·       Chances of Security issues adversely increase

·       Implementation expenses

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