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What are the requirements of a website?

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What are the requirements of a website?

  • 25/08/2018

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There are some basic requirements for building a website. Those basic requirements include various functions, plans and characteristics. Some of the basic requirements are:

·         Requirements of the business are most important as they define the objective and the issues faced by the stakeholders.

·         The expectations and the requirements of the user also define the website’s usability.

·         Requirements related to the functions to know how much is required for the development of the product.

·         Requirements of quality of service to maintain the quality of the product.

·         Requirements for implementation for changing the process and the role of the team.

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The website needs a number of things to run at a good pace:

·         Domain name

·         Corporate email address

·         Software for website building

·         Website hosting

·         Template design for the website

·         Design the logo

·         Adding images with high-quality

·         Image editors

·         Google analytics

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The website building has a list of requirements, but the most basic one is the internet. One must have the internet connection to initiate the process. Without the internet you would not be able to take any step ahead. Then, you can take the help of various free website builders. 

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If you are looking for simple and basic requirements, here is the answer:

1.      Determine the purpose and goal

2.      Select a domain name

3.      Set the priorities

4.      Features and pages of the website

5.      Hosting

6.      Develop the content and plan it

7.      Website promotion

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The website building depends upon the basic requirement that is to know what should be displayed. Websites depend upon the concept of getting what you are looking at. Thus, represent the things that you are going to sell.

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