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What are the social and ethical issues associated with ICT?

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What are the social and ethical issues associated with ICT?

  • 07/02/2019

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In modern day scenario, where Information technology is increasing rapidly, several issues may arise such as ethical and social which may impact very adversely on their respective sectors. Following issues are outlined as social and ethical are as follows-

Social Issues of ICT.

·       Computer Addiction.

·       Affect in personal health.

·       Low Business profitability for small business.

·       Pressurized and overwhelmed via ICT.

Ethical issues of ICT.

·       Less Predictable.

·       Less reliable.

·       Data privacy.

·       Unmanageable cost.

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Social issues-

·       Social issues associated with ICT are- absence and lack of privacy policies and standard in ICT that may trigger the intruder to access confidential information of the organization.

·       One of the major social issue associated with ICT is addiction to social networking sites and chat rooms etc.

·       Information and communication technology arise health-related social issues in society.

Ethical issues-

·       Unemployment is the major ethical issues arises due to ICT

·       ISP’s monitor the emails of the people through which they come across the confidential data available on their email id's.

·       Cyber-attacks are the major ethical issues associated with ICT.

The primary issues of problems surrounding the application of Information and communication technology (ICT) are social values and implications, professionalism, responsibility, ownership and privacy. In my point of view, the youth of the country is getting addicted toward social networking sites and other time consuming unnecessary applications. Technology is advancing inevitable and with the advancement it develops a vacuum in the legislation that is not easy to deal with. 

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Social and ethical issues associated with ICT defines the negative impact of the technology on the people and organization if misuse. As per my analysis, Social and ethical issues are arising when someone try to misuse the information for their beneficial purposes. ICT provides easier and efficient means of storage and retrieval of information but at the same time suffers from piracy of copyrighted materials, software data, music etc. Another ethical issues related to ICT is illegal uploading, plagiarism, stealing and misuse of intellectual property. Social issue is increase in unemployment as ICT has created sever unemployment among non-tech groups. Though ICT has made business easier through online transactions but at the same time suffers from cyber-crimes, sabotage, hacking and data loss.

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