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What are the tools and technique used for quality control?

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What are the tools and technique used for quality control?

  • 07/02/2019

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Quality control is defined as the process that is used for analysing and controlling the overall quality of the system. Quality control consists of tools and techniques that are used to check that requirements for quality are fulfilled or not.

Several tools and techniques are used for quality control are enlisted below:

ü  Fishbone diagrams.

ü  Control chart.

ü  Flow chart diagrams.

ü  Statistical sampling.

ü  Inspection.

This quality controls techniques and tools can help the organisation’s in the following ways-

·       Confirm that the project is meeting all quality standards.

·       Provide proper feedback procedure of the overall quality assurance process.

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Quality control is a process through that a business needs to make sure that their product quality is improved or maintained. It creates an environment within a business in which both employees and management strive for perfection. There are many quality control tools and techniques, to perform the quality control process of the project quality management such as:

·       Inspection

·       Statistical Sampling

·       Scatter diagrams

·       Run charts

·       Pareto analysis

·       Pareto chart

·       Histogram

·       Flow-charting

·       Control charts

·       Cause and effect diagrams

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Quality is defined as attributes or properties of the project. The quality of the project is generally expressed in terms of its performance and customer satisfaction level.  Quality control a process of managing quality of the project. The processes involved in quality control are- quality development, quality maintenance, and quality improvement. The techniques used for quality control are- statistical quality control techniques, inspection, Pareto Analysis, Six Sigma, maturity model. The tools used for quality management and quality control are QT9 quality management system, UniPoint Quality Management etc.

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Quality control is very crucial and important phase of the project development. It checks whether developed product meeting customers’ requirement or not and quality of the product is maintained as per client’s requirement. Different tools and techniques are used to control quality of the project or product. Some tools and techniques that are used are described below:

§  Cause and Effect diagrams: These diagrams are used to identify the root cause of existing problems.

§  Control charts: Are used to measures the stability of a process.

§  Flow-Chart: It represents the flow of a process and helps to find out the problems in the process.

§  Histogram: Is used to represent event frequencies and track problems.

§  Inspection: It involves the steps to review the product to see if it meets the defined quality norms.

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