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What do you mean by Augmented Reality?

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What do you mean by Augmented Reality?

  • 05/02/2019

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Augmented reality is a type of interactive, reality based display environment that has a capabilities of computer generated display, sound text and effects in order to improve the overall real world experience of intended users. Augmented reality combines real world images and computer based images in an effective manner so that unified view of the world is created. Augmented reality is one of the major innovative technologies that aims to enrich user’s overall experience of virtual visualization. Augmented reality works on super positon principles in order to produce better visualization effects in real world. Augmented reality can be used in several ways as well as for different purposes. Augmented reality plays a very vital role in the modern era technology so that overall animation scenario can be changed in an appropriate manner. Augmented reality devices are enabled with input devices such as keyboard and monitors, smart glasses and smartphones which are used in very effective manner so that overall communication scenario of user’s can be improved. By using overall concepts of augmented reality in major sectors, more opportunities will be achieved in a productive manner.

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Augmented reality can be defined as the use of digital information with the user’s real world environment and overlays new information in artificial environment. The word “augmented” means “to enhance something”.  Thus augmented reality is used to enhance user experience by bringing components of digital world into a user’s perception of the real world.  Augmented reality augments it, but does not replace the reality. Augmented reality implementation needs hardware devices like handheld displays, sensors, headsets, and glasses, which can be carried and wear. In other words, any hardware that combines digital content with actual surroundings is an Augmented reality device. Augmented reality incorporates in many applications, such as video games, television, personal navigation etc. Augmented reality facilitate user to experience real world scenario in many applications as these apps are written in special 3D programs. This feature allow developer to integrate augmented reality feature in the real world by tying animation or digital information in the computer program. 

Different types of Augmented reality systems are discussed below:

Image recognition based Augmented Reality: also called Marker-based augmented reality and sensors are used to distinguish images from real world object. In this, camera and QR code is used to sense marker in the real world. It is very important part of augmented reality systems.

Location based Augmented Reality: In this type of augmented reality, location is detected by the use of GPS, velocity meter, or digital compass. This is the most widely used in many applications. These applications can appropriately improves user’s experience.

Projection based Augmented Reality: Artificial light is projected onto real world surfaces in this type of augmented reality. It is also used in laser plasma technology to project interactive hologram.

Superimposition based Augmented Reality: object recognition is important in this type of augmented reality to determine what the object is. Superimposition based augmented reality reaches to replace the original view of an object. Augmented reality is based on super position principle which is effectively improved overall visualizing experience.

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Augmented reality is a combination of technologies in which the virtual scene generated by the computer and real scene viewed by user are augmented with additional information. AR systems generate virtual object in real-world environment in real time. The ultimate goal of AR technology is to create systems in such a way that humans cannot able to distinguish the real world and the virtual augmentation. Through AR systems users can maintain a sense of presence in real world. In AR, virtual images generated by the computer system are mounted with real-world objects.  With the use of AR technology, users can view the real-world environment whose elements are augmented by the computer-generated sensory input such as graphics, GPS data, Sound, Audio. AR technology enables the user to simultaneously precept virtual objects with the real world objects. In this technology both the objects, real-world objects and virtual world objects appear as they co-exist in the same space. The main idea behind AR technology is to superimpose human perception, graphics, and audio in real time over the real-world environment. Some of the AR devices used in real-world scenario are- Optical See-Through HMD, virtual retinal systems, Video See-Through HMD etc. In real-world scenario, AR technology is used in football fields, commercial aircraft (Head Up Display).

The key components such as Scene generator, tracking system and display (head mounted display) are required to make an augmented reality system.

·       Scene generator- It is a software that is used for rendering (it is a process of generating images in 2D and 3D model) the scene.

·       Tracking system- tracking system is used to properly align real world and virtual worlds objects with respect to each other.

·       Display devices- the real world objects and virtual objects are displayed using HMD (Head Mounted Display).  The display device for AR technology is select on the basis of some factors such as field-of-view, resolution, flexibility.

These are some valuable components or pillars of augmented reality which is used very effectively. 

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Augmented reality is the combination of interactive of digital components such as buzzy haptic feedback, dazzling visual overlays and other sensory projection. The real time example of Augmented reality is Pokémon Go. Further, in this game, the users are allowed to visualize the world around them through their cameras of smartphones while project along the game items such as score, icons, and ever-elusive Pokémon creatures, as it defines that them seem as if those items were appropriate the real-life neighbourhood. The design of game was so immersive and it sent millions of adults and kids alike walking through the real-world backyards in the search of virtual prizes. The Augmented reality may not be as exciting as the roller coaster ride of virtual reality. But, the technology provides itself as a very useful tools in the everyday lives. The augmented reality is an enhanced and improved version of the live indirect and direct views of the physical real-world environments along with the superimposed computer-generated images over a user’s view of the actual-world, therefore, enhancing individuals’ current perception of reality. Augmented reality become very essential part in modern era’s busy life. Most of the organizations implementing augmented reality scenario’s in their respective sectors in order to improve as well as enhance overall organizational productivity and user interaction. AR is now used in top educational universities of major countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United states of America and South Africa etc. It is currently used in the CQ university of Australia in an effective manner so that more students get interacted with this latest technology.

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