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What do you mean by project planning?

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What do you mean by project planning?

  • 11/02/2019

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In project management, project planning is defined as the process of developing overall scheduling and planning of the project so that effective outcome is produced in the form of project. In project planning process, a documentation is produced which involves actions of the project. Actions such as define, prepare and integrate some additional plans. Overall project plan clearly outlines how the project is executed, monitored as well as controlled effectively.

As per my opinion, project planning is an in depth analysis process to produce better outcomes. Project planning involves structuring of following activities:

1.     Setting project goals.

2.     Identifying project deliverables.

3.     Create project scheduling.

4.     Create support plans of the project.

With the presence of these valuable activities, overall development of the project is improved efficiently.

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Project planning stage immediately comes after the feasibility phase and before specification phase and requirement analysis. Once a project is found feasible then the project planning is formulated by the project manager. Before the development phase starts, the project planning phase takes place. In order to develop an effective project planning, past experience and various estimated techniques is very essential. Following are some task that is followed by the project manager to formulate project plan:

·       Project Estimation

·       Scheduling

·       Staffing

·       Risk management

·       Miscellaneous plans

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Project planning is one of the phases of project management. In this phase, project manager creates various management plans such as budget management plan, resource management plan, time management plan, scope management plan, schedule management plan etc. These plan facilitates the project team members to successfully complete project within time and budget. In this phase, project manager defines the goal of the project and prepare SRS report in which all the functional and non-functional requirement are specified. Project complexity determines the project planning stage and project planning will last until project will not delivered to the clients.

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