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What does a research paper or essay mean?

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What does a research paper or essay mean?

  • 17/04/2019

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According to me, a research paper is defined as an expanded form of essay that describes your argument. In addition to this, a research paper defines findings via several experiments in a better way. It is one of the most important parts of the curriculum.

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Typically, a research paper is often known as a type of academic writing in which authors and researchers to locate information regarding their respective topic. It includes results of the actual research or an evaluation of research. It is a very essential part of academics.

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A research paper or essay refers to a written document that is designed in order to provide a proof based results and facts to support the thesis. A research paper is a detailed conclusion of a researcher’s overall work.

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Research paper is a systematic investigation into reality to gain adequate knowledge. It mainly consists of key elements named as-
• Proper abstract
• Introduction or a thesis statement
• literature review
• Adequate methodology
• Results
• Discussion
• Conclusion
• References
• Appendices

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