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What is an Essay and How to Write it?

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What is an Essay and How to Write it?

  • 17/04/2019

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An essay is an essential part of Academic writing which provides an overview of the selected topic. It’s a collection of thoughts and ideas of the author which is conveyed in a better way. It is one of the most important parts of academic writing. An effective essay provides a detailed scenario of the selected topics. There are following steps of writing an essay-

It consists of three major parts which are often considered as the steps of writing an essay.

Step 1. Introduction section {Attention grabbing the first sentence, Brief description of the objectives and a thesis statement}.
Step 2. Body section {Elaboration of your topics, description of any hurdle and its solutions}
Step 3. Conclusion section {Explain you’re overall working, emphasize lessons learned}

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According to my opinion, an essay is generally, a piece of writing that gives the author’s own argument. It is one of the major parts of every student life. An essay is usually written by professionals as well as students for grabbing their professor's mindset.  It is very important to write an appropriate essay with a relevant structural format.
To write an essay, the following tips are to be considered-
Tip 1.  Select what kind of essay to write
Tip 2. Brainstorm your essay topic
Tip 3. Do a deep research
Tip 4. Outline your essay with proper key points
Tip 5. Start writing your essay.
Tip 6. Edit and proofread your essay.

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In general, an essay is one of the vital element of academic writing which is written in prose. However, essays serve as a way to assess your clear understanding of the specific ideas regarding the topic. An essay is always written in the third person form. There are numerous benefits of an essay i.e. It helps the reader to enhance his/her reading as well as writing skills. It also enhances the skills set and knowledge inventory of the author.
In order to write an essay, the following steps are outlined-
1. Pick a topic
2. Create a brief outline
3. Sample outline of the essay
4. Develop a thesis statement
5. Write an introductory paragraph for the essay
6. Write the body paragraphs
7. Write the concluding paragraphs
8. Edit your first draft

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According to my analysis, an essay is defined as a short piece of writing that expresses the author’s viewpoint and the information.  A basic example of an essay is the Importance of Cloud computing in an organization. An essay is considered as a part of school as well as college academics. An essay is quite important in foreign universities or high schools. However, essays follow two methods such as Informal and formal. There are many types. Steps such as understand the question, Map the essay chapters, Collect information, Read and take notes, Start writing and end up an essay is considered under essay writing.

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