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What is the Concept of Interpersonal Communication?

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What is the Concept of Interpersonal Communication?

  • 02/04/2019

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The interpersonal communication occurs between two people face to face to face, although media can be used as the telephone to communicate, intrapersonal communication allows people to send and receive messages. This can refer to different areas, such as home, work, the street, etc. When talking about interpersonal communication, however, not only is it referred to verbal, that is, to the protagonized by language. It is clear that human beings distinguish us from animals precisely because of our ability to organize and communicate our reality through a system of signs represented sonorously and graphically (the spoken and written language respectively), but it is not exclusively through this mechanism that we-we transmit information.

For example, interpersonal communication also influences other types of code, such as proxemics (the "personal space"), pragmatics (contextual content), body language, and other forms of non-verbal communication that, however, allow Two people share certain meanings and meanings.

Many times this non-verbal communication takes place without taking into account the conscience, that is, automatically or symptomatic, without the express intentionality of the issuer. It's what happens during flirting, for example.

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The interpersonal adjective refers to that which is established or carried out between at least two people. The term is used to elaborate on different concepts and expressions.


It is called interpersonal relationship to the reciprocal interaction that keeps two or more individuals. These links are subject to the institutions, laws and customs that govern society.

Communication is the key to interpersonal relationships. Through a communicative process, human beings share information when exchanging messages, which each subject must decode to understand them. Interpersonal relationships imply that the participants are communicating with each other.

The American psychologist and researcher Howard Gardner, on the other hand, postulated the theory of multiple intelligences, which holds that intelligence is made up of different specific capacities. Among these various classes, interpersonal intelligence appears.

According to Gardner, interpersonal intelligence is given by the ability to discover and interpret the desires and intentions of others. It is, therefore, a skill linked to empathy.

Through his interpersonal intelligence, human beings choose their friends and their partners, for example. The level of interpersonal intelligence is also decisive when establishing interpersonal relationships and, as a consequence, to obtain success in any social sphere (academic, labour, etc.).

It is important not to confuse interpersonal intelligence with intrapersonal intelligence, associated with self-knowledge. Intrapersonal intelligence allows an individual to appreciate how he is and what he wants, while interpersonal intelligence serves to "read" the other.

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