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What is the goal of information security system in an organization?

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What is the goal of information security system in an organization?

  • 04/02/2019

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With an increase in information technology. Need, role or goal of information security is an important necessity. Information security systems more commonly referred as INFOSEC. It is defined as proper methodologies which is effectively used in order to keep user’s as well as organizational information confidential, available and accessible. These systems are used in a synchronized way so that overall data protection becomes easy. Nowadays, most of the organization actually works on latest technologies and software’s in order to store and retrieve user’s confidential data. These information security practices are very helpful in order to protect overall organizational confidential data from cyber-attacks. Information security is one of the major concern that an organization is faced in today’s scenario. In order to understand effectively, information system stands on three major pillars which is outlined below:

v Confidentiality.

v Availability.

v Integrity.

The CIAA principle is explained effectively in order to perform some valuable practices in an organization effectively.

Confidentiality- Confidentiality means managing and maintaining overall secrecy and privacy of organizational data during data transmission. It is one of the first goal of information security through which organizational and user’s confidential data is protected from unauthorized access.

In confidentiality, information of organization need not to disclose with any individual.

Integrity- Integrity is the second goal of information security within an organization. In this trade, overall modification of data is done by only authorized officials of any organization so that it remains in its original form. Hence, overall data integrity process involves some activities which is useful in order to maintain consistency and accuracy of data appropriately.

Availability-  The third goal of information security is availability. It ensures that data is available to authenticated user’s whenever it is required. All the confidential data as well as organizational data needs to be available in an effective manner.

Authentication:  The last objective of information security is authentication as it ensures the verification and validation of user’s identity. For example, when a user is surfing an e-commerce website and there is authentication process which validates the user identity using specific Email and password.

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The term Information security refers to protecting information system and information from the unauthorized use, destruction, modification, disruption, disclosure, access in order to provide the CIA (Confidentiality, integrity, Availability).

Confidentiality: In the information security, confidentiality plays a vital role to protect the information system and information from unauthorized user or access. Further, the confidentiality is defined as the preserving authorized restrictions on disclosure and access, which included for the protection of proprietary information and personal privacy. Further, no organizations like the thought of the proprietary business information being disclosed to the competitors. The cybercrime and cyberattack is a relatively easy, high-reward venture, low-risk. The cyber criminals look for the weakness within a system such as weak designs, software, people, channels, and communication. The opportunities are helpful.

Integrity: Integrity is the protection of systems, processes or information from the accidental or intentional unauthorized access or modification. Primarily, integrity prevents the unauthorized modification of data or information of the organization. Further, there are two types of integrity such as system integrity and data integrity.

Availability: Just like the confidentiality and integrity, the availability is also considered as the major security method. In the Availability, the information security ensures that services and products must be available, when an authorized user request for it.

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Information security in an organization is a multilayered system that protects privacy, confidentiality, and integrity of the information. Information security means being secure from cyber-attacks or malicious access or in other words, to protect confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets of an organization. The main goal of information security is to secure confidential information of an organization from unauthorized access or from any malicious attack. Security of confidential information is very crucial and important for any organization. One can understand by the way that if data is lost or hacked then it would be possible that whole organization collapse within small time. In this technology era, organization success partially or wholly depends on their information security.  So it is necessary to implement security measures within an organization to ensure the security of data. Information security mainly deals with risk management, a process through which vulnerabilities and threats to information assets are continuously assessed and the appropriate controls are decided and applied. Implementation of information security includes physical and digital security measures to secure information from destruction, modification, duplication or from being hacked. With the growing importance of dependability of organizations on computer system, information security system includes all the mechanism by which digital system, equipment and services are protected from unintended access and destruction.

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Information security systems are the main key component of all types of organizations. This system is intended in the organization to protect organizational data against unauthorized access. Previously, organizations create, store and process data manually but nowadays due to the advancement in technology, organization can manage and store data with the help of information security system. organization can use InfoSec system to secure data from unauthorized access. Information security is a practice which consists of combination security software, systems, vulnerability scan etc. all these components work in collaboration to secure information from intruders. Organizations can use information security practices to protect information from wide range of threats, to ensures business continuity plan, to minimize the financial loss, to optimizes return on investments. The main goal of information security is to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of organizational information. Confidentiality principle ensures that information can only access by legitimate. Integrity principle protects the correctness and completeness of information. Whereas availability principle ensures that all the information and associated assets can be available to authorized user. Due to these three security pillars information of the organization remains insecure state. Due to the lack of information security organization may suffer from various losses namely- reputational loss, financial loss, intellectual property loss, customer confidence loss etc. use of information security in the organization reduces the impact of security incidents.

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