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What is the Systems Life Cycle?

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What is the Systems Life Cycle?

  • 07/02/2019

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The system life cycle is a series of phases, which functions throughout the development of the project. A lot of money and time can be wasted if a system is developed in an improper manner, which does not work appropriately or performs specified or required operations.  It is an organisational process to maintain and develop the systems. Primarily, a system life cycle includes five phases such as feasibility study, analysis, design, implementation and maintenance.

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The system life cycle is referred to as a process to describe the overall development of systems. This approach is used in the system engineering and information systems. System life cycle is applicable to hardware and software configurations. This concept primarily focusing on the following stages which may lead to successful development of the system are-

Stage 1. Analysis phase.

Stage 2. Design phase.

Stage 3. Development phase.

Stage 4. Testing phase.

Stage 5. Implementation.

Stage 6. Documentation and Evaluation.

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Systems life cycle or Systems development life cycle (SDLC) is an approach used for developing software projects.  SDLC consists of 7 phases namely- planning, analysis, design, development, testing, implementation, maintenance.

*     Planning phase- In this phase of SDLC, scope of the project is evaluated, project plan is created, and project manager performs feasibility study in this phase to check whether proposed project is feasible or not.

*     Analysis phase- In this phase, all the functional and non-functional requirements of the project are gathered and documented in SRS.

*     Design phase- In this phase system designer designs the technical architecture of the project.

*     Development phase-In this phase, developer code each module or unit according to desired functionality.

*     Testing phase- System tester design test case in order to evaluate and tests the performance of the project.

*     Implementation phase- In this phase project is implemented over user side and development team provides training to the users about how to operate the project.

*     Maintenance phase- In this phase development team support changes in the system.

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As per my learning, System life cycle is a series of phases that are followed in the development of a new project. It is widely used and accepted by the organizations to develop new systems in an effective way. The development phases of the system life cycle for a new project includes feasibility study, planning, system analysis, system design, implementation and testing. It is important to follow all the phases to ensure the successful completion of the project. The phases of the system life cycle generally align with the phases of the project management life cycle.

*     Feasibility study: at this phase, proposed system is checked whether it is feasible to develop or not.

*     Planning: includes detailed plan that described how to develop, maintain, replace and enhance specific system.

*     System analysis: in this phase, requirements of the client is captured and analyze

*     System design: it includes the development of technical architecture of the system,

*     Implementation and testing: In this phase of system life cycle, the actual development is start based on the system design. After completion of the development, system is tested for any bugs and errors.

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