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Electrical engineering is known to be an evergreen branch of engineering. This is attributed to the fact that it deals with electricity which has become one of the most basic requirements for our survival. Electrical engineering also includes the study of electrical devices and various phenomenon associated with electricity such as electromagnetism and electrification. Many children are fascinated by electricity because of its intriguing nature. You too might have developed an inclination towards this branch of engineering, right from your childhood days. If you wish to transform this childhood interest of yours into your profession, then you must get yourself enrolled in an electrical engineering course. Many prominent universities in Australia offer a wide range of electrical engineering courses. If you aspire to attain an electrical engineering degree from one of the prominent universities in Australia, the list provided below will be of great help to you. It enlists the names of top 5 Universities, along with the electrical engineering courses offered by them.

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Universities in Australia offering Electrical Engineering courses

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University of Tasmania

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Undergraduate electrical engineering courses:

The University of Adelaide

By enrolling into an electrical engineering course, at this university, you will provide yourself an access to bountiful knowledge and high quality experience of learning. This University has always succeeded at keeping its commitment to provide you with distinctive learning, in an environment which fosters innovation. The highly qualified faculty of this university, will help you shape your career in an outstanding manner. The names of different electrical engineering courses, it offers you, has been mentioned below. Most of these electrical engineering courses can be completed in around four to five years of time.

La Trobe University

This esteemed university is among the top 1.1% of over 28,000 plus universities in the world. La Trobe University has helped students like you to secure jobs as electrical engineers in many reputed firms. This is due to its well versed faculty which helps you to prepare well for your future as an electrical engineer. This university helps each of its students to gain thorough knowledge and develop practical skills required to establish a mark in industry as an electrical engineer. The electrical engineering course it offers, in order to attain an electrical engineering degree in four years has been mentioned below.

University of South Australia

This University provides young minds like you with all the technical assistance you require to graduate as eminent electrical engineers. The research programs conducted by University of South Australia, instill your mind, as an electrical engineer to produce innovative solutions to the global challenges faced by the world. It is committed at providing you with a whole range of technical expertise in the field of electrical engineering. The four year, electrical engineering courses it offers you, have been mentioned below:

Murdoch University

It is one of the top ranked universities in Australia and Asia Pacific region. Murdoch university aims at helping students like you, to develop at both the professional as well as personal front. Thus, it equips you with essential career and life skills which you require, to become successful electrical engineers. It offers you a four year, electrical engineering course which has been mentioned below:

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Three phase hysteresis control:

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Stationary frame PI control

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Synchronous frame PI control

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SIMULINK model incorporating the dynamic model

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Quick facts to know- Few Jargons of Electrical Engineering


It is a safety device. A fuse consists of an electrical wire, which melts and breaks the electrical circuit when the value of the current supplied exceeds the permissible value. By breaking the circuit, it saves the electrical appliances from the damage which may be caused by the high value of electrical current.

Electrical Conductor

An electrical conductor is a device which conducts electricity. It means that a conductor allows the passage of electric current through it.


Opposite to a conductor, an insulator is a device which does not conduct electricity. It means that an insulator doesn’t allow electric current to flow through it. Insulators are as important as conductors for electrical engineers. So, no wonder if you being an electrical engineer come across this term frequently.


A voltmeter is a device which is used to measure the potential difference between different points in an electric circuit. It is connected in parallel across the points, around which voltage is to be measured.


An ammeter is device which is used to measure the flow of current between different points of an electrical circuit. It is connected in series across the points between which electrical current has to be measured.

Scope of Electrical Engineering in Australia:

Every industry requires electricity to run in a smooth and efficient manner. Electrical engineers like you, work at introducing technical advancements in the field of electrical engineering, which help these industries to run in a better and more productive way. This leads to the availability of a number of job prospects for you, after attaining your electrical engineering degree in an electrical engineering course. Some of these job prospects have been mentioned below:

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