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Electronics engineering, also known as electronics and communication engineering, is a branch of engineering which helps you develop the skills required to deal with electrical circuits and appliances. Right from your childhood days, many of you must have been fascinated by the power of electricity. This interest which students like you, develop in the field of electronics at such an early stage of your life, inspires you to opt for electronics engineering as a career option. Being an electronics engineer, you are made to understand the key concepts associated with this discipline of engineering such as electronic systems and radio frequencies. We cannot imagine our lives without electricity and electronic appliances, thus, the demand for electrical and electronics engineers keep on increasing in the industrial sector, with each passing day.

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Universities in Australia offering Electronics engineering courses

To pave your way into a reputed firm as an electronics engineer, you are required to have an in depth understanding of fundamentals of electronic engineering. There are many universities in Australia, which offer a wide range of electronics engineering courses. If you, too aspire to attain a degree in an Electronics Engineering course from one of the prominent universities in Australia, then below mentioned list will be of great help to you. The list provides the names of 5 Universities, along with the electronics and communication engineering courses offered by them.

Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT)

EIT aims to provide you excellent practical and technical knowledge related to electronics and communication engineering. It is known to have an outstanding faculty of instructors and lecturers having an abundance of industrial experience. It provides an online electronics engineering course to aspiring electronics engineers like you.

Undergraduate Electronics Engineering Courses

  • Advanced diploma of Remote Engineering, Mechatronics and Robotics

Flinders University:

This esteemed university in Australia, is determined to help young minds like you, to master the skills required to excel as an electronics engineer in the industry. Flinders University has established itself well in the fields of innovative research, quality teaching and community engagement. It aspires to have a positive impact on the society by providing it with technical experts like you, who have the ability to bring considerable reforms in the world of electronics and communication engineering.

Undergraduate Electronics Engineering Courses:

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)(Electronics )
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Robotics)

Post Graduate Electronics Engineering Courses:

  • Master of Engineering (Electronics)
  • Master of Engineering Science (Electrical and Electronic)

Swinburne University of Technology

It is one of the leading universities in Australia, which provides quality education to you. It strives to produce electronics engineers, who are able to develop innovative solutions to technical problems in the field of electronics and communications engineering. To fulfill this purpose, it provides you with excellent industrial exposure as a part of the electronics engineering course curriculum.

Undergraduate Electronics Engineering Courses

  • Advanced Diploma of Electronics and Communications Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Professional) with a major in electrical and electronic
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Professional) with a major in Robotics and Mechatronics
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) with a major in electrical and electronic
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) with a major in Robotics and Mechatronics

James Cook University

It is located in Queensland, Australia. It has been recognized as one of the best universities in the world in terms of its infrastructure and faculty. It has been producing brilliant students like you, right from its inception in 1961. James Cook University renders quality education to you and transforms you into knowledgeable and skilled electronics engineers.

Undergraduate Electronics Engineering Courses:

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Electronic System and Internet of Things Engineering

The Australian National University

This esteemed University ranks at number 50 in the world rankings of Universities. You being an electronics engineer, can gain an expertise in various subjects in the field of electronics and communication engineering from this university. It attracts students like you from entire world due to the high quality of education it provides.

Undergraduate Electronics Engineering Courses

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Majoring in Electronic and Communications Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Majoring in Mechatronic Systems

Post Graduate Electronics Engineering Courses

  • Master of Engineering in Mechatronics

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Electronics Engineering assignment help services offered by us:

Assignmenthelp4me, is a platform which is dedicated to provide you quality assignment help services. The technical wing of our assignment services deal with the subjects which are technical in nature. These subjects include science, IT, computers, IOT, programming and many other. We have specialized team of skilled writers, who have their PhD degrees in their respective fields of writing. It is because, of the proficiency in the writing skills of these writers, that we are able to excel in our field of service. Same is the case with our Electronics engineering assignment, for which we have engineers as writers in our technical squad. Following are few of the types of electronics engineering assignments, that we do:


Solar Desalination

Solar energy is available in abundance. One of the prominent ways to utilize it, is by converting it into electrical energy. Furthermore, as the world is gearing to cope up with the huge crisis of water unavailability in the near future, great emphasis is being laid on desalination of water. Thus, most of the electronics assignments deal with the subject of desalination of water using solar energy. To solve these assignments, you need a thorough knowledge on different techniques for solar energy conversion and water desalination. This might be a real difficult task for young students like you. Thus, assignmenthelp4me provides electronics assignment help to save you from all the efforts required to solve these electronics engineering assignments.


Solar Air Heaters:

Heating effect of solar energy has the potential to satisfy our energy needs for heating purposes. Solar air heaters, which are used for space heating, are expected to replace electronic air heaters in the near future. Thus, most of the electronics assignments are based on this subject. You being a student, may not be able to spend the considerable amount of time required to research this topic well. To assist you in the same, Assignmenthelp4me has a qualified team of researchers who are well versed with the technicalities to get electronics engineering assignments done.


Evacuated Solar Tube Collector

The study of Solar Tube Collectors is a vast subject. You, as an electronics engineering student are made to prepare a lot of electronics engineering assignments on this topic. Before studying an evacuated solar tube collector, you have to study about the working of a solar collector. Understanding it isn’t an easy task. A lot of focus and long sitting hours are required to get thorough knowledge which is required to complete electronics engineering assignments on this topic. You might not be able to devote the plenty of time needed to solve these assignments. This may be due to a part time job or a co-curricular activity, you are pursuing along with your studies. Thus, assignmenthelp4me, is there to offer you electronics assignment help.


Performance of Solar Collector with nano-fluids as working fluids

Studying about solar collectors requires you to put in a lot of effort and time. Electronics Engineering assignments about solar collectors which utilize nano fluids as the working fluids, make the task even tedious. Young students like you may not be able to solve these tedious electronics engineering assignments alone. Thus, experts at assignmenthelp4me, aim at providing you with electronics engineering assignment help.


Solid state Batteries

You as electronics engineers, have to learn a lot about various sources of power such as cells and batteries. Thus, a number of electronics engineering assignments are based on this topic. In order to complete these assignments, you will have to conduct an in depth research on this subject. You may not be able to research and write properly on you own, because of the vastness of this subject. Thus, a qualified team of researchers at assignmenthelp4me, provides you with the assistance you require to solve these assignments.

Quick facts to know- Jargons on Electronics engineering

Electric Current:

Electric current is defined as the rate of flow of charge per unit time. It is denoted by ‘I’. It is measured in Amperes. Electric current is one of the most basic terms associated with electronics engineering. You as an electronic engineer encounter this term frequently, while solving electronics engineering assignments.

Electric battery

An electric battery is a combination of electric cells. It is used for powering electrical devices such as alarm clocks, flashlights and remote controls.


It is one of the major components of an electric circuit. It stores electrical energy in an electric field. The capacitance of capacitor is measured in Farad. You have to learn a lot about a capacitor and its capacitance while pursuing an electronics engineering course. Thus, the electronics engineering assignments you have to solve generally cover this topic.


Resistance is defined as an obstruction to the flow of current. Electrical resistance depends upon a lot of parameters like temperature and dimensions of a wire through which electrical current is passing.

Electric circuit

It is defined as the path through which electric current flows. A number of electric components may be available along the path.

Scope of Electronics Engineering in Australia:

A world without electronic appliances and electronics engineers is unimaginable. Electricity plays an important role in helping you live your life in a comfortable manner. You as an electronics engineer, work at bringing technical innovations by employing use of electricity. Electronics Engineering courses equip you with a variety of skills which enable you to work with multitudes of industries. Thus, you will never be left as an unemployed electronics engineer in Australia. Some of the job prospects available in Australia for electronics engineers like you have been listed below:

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