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Planning is the initial step of every important task. The planned things always bring better results. It plays a major role in studies and also helps the students to reduce their stress. A proper schedule and timetable are of utmost importance for an aspiring student. With the increase in a number of tasks, the importance of homework planner also increases. One should focus on planning the homework, to excel in your academics and to shine brighter in your grades.

The students must have time management skills. Here is a list of some tricks which would help you to instil the habit of time management.


1. Make a list of your to-do tasks
The best way to maintain the workload is to pen down all the assigned tasks.

2. Prioritize them
Analyse the task and prioritise them. The work with high priority should be at the top of the list. It involves further steps:

A. Observe the importance of each work.
B. Keep in mind the deadline.

3. Say no to procrastination
As you have scheduled all your important and not so relevant work, now, the next thing which most of the students do is procrastinate. But you must be punctual and manage your time accordingly.

4. Focus on your goal
Whenever you feel like giving up, think about why you started it. Concentrate on your aim and work in such a way that it paves the way to your success.

5. Skip time-wasting activities
You might come around several distractors in your process, but, you must not focus on them. Say a big no to all those unimportant things.

6. Befriend with technology
Technology has grabbed every walk of life. Many people fail to use it wisely. There are various planning apps such as student homework planner and college homework planner. Install them on your smartphones. Use them prudently.

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