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When they have been working on the same subject for several years, the authors often forget what they have written and even what they have discovered if they do not record it properly, so they must have clear guidelines on processing and preserve that knowledge.

When the student has chosen what he wants to investigate, the questions should be answered simply: What do I want to investigate? What will I try to discover? Is it original? What problem does it solve? and Why is it important for society? According to experts, the chosen theme has to fulfil three premises: that it be large enough to be interesting and small enough to be approachable; that the author is competent enough to solve it and that the doctoral student has the material means and time necessary to carry it out. It is the first exercise of personal honesty, out of many to which the new researcher will be subjected. If the research project proves unapproachable due to its extension and complexity, a path that will end in frustration (and in the worst case a monumental loss of time, if the program is abandoned). If on the contrary, the scope is so highly restricted and specialized that it does not contribute anything valuable, it does not matter either. At the time of demarcating the scope, the opinion of the director or thesis directors is key. It is advisable to invest the time necessary in this decision.


To correctly formulate the doctoral thesis there is a triad of key elements that one needs to keep in mind, and that are the "objectives", "the hypothesis" and "the research design", including the "scientific method" used. It would be out of the purpose of this article to explain these elements profusely since there is abundant literature on them. It suffices to identify them. The doctoral student will be tempted to go through these aspects "on tiptoe" and focus on what he thinks is "the core" of his research topic. It must be explained, however, that in order to become a doctor, the most important aspect is to demonstrate that “you know how to investigate". The new doctor will not be judged as much by his discovery as by his investigative method. If the objectives-hypothesis-design triad is not properly delved into, it is most likely that the director asks to be explained with the advanced research or the half-drafting of the final document. A researcher can hardly discover anything if he does not know intimately the method he is using for it.


It will be very useful to write the index of the doctoral thesis document from the beginning. It is advisable to present the director with a list of contents in a logical order and a complete index once the contents have been approved. Your "critical observation" will serve to know if the process is well oriented or not. Above all, waste of time in superfluous activities that ultimately do not get into the main body will be avoided. Depending on the complexity of the research, it may be advisable to work on the text as the research progresses.

“The doctoral thesis document should support research and research should support the document."

If, when researching, crucial annotations are made, already elaborated, in the main body, it will take shape. Further, the structure of the report itself will make the unnecessary investigations evident, for not contributing substantially to the investigation. It is as important to know what should be investigated and what should be ignored, and a correctly designed index will help to decide it.


The student will soon discover that the success of his path to the title of doctor is very much a conscious exercise of management of limited resources: time, intelligence, money and capacity for sacrifice. The doctoral student requires a great self-discipline to manage the resources with a firm hand, setting limits, but assuming that they aspire to the highest possible grade. In this sense, the better the planning of where to go with the research and the thesis is, the less time will be wasted. Those people who do not dedicate to the full-time doctorate will have to make an extra effort. It is advisable to make a habit of working on the project without creating a gap of more than a week.

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