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iOS is an operating system which was designed for iPhone gadgets and portable gadgets for Apple. As of June 2014, there were more than 1.2 million applications made with the help of this operating system. The variety of the functions of the mobile operating system. The most effective are the advanced features of voice acknowledgment application, predictive and contextual individual assistant, which is connected to Siri for providing personalized details which are based on the routines, choice and the area of the user. It is iMessage, an integrated instant messaging customer who is integrated assistance used for iCloud individual cloud storage service, iTunes Radio and AirDrop assistance of Apple.

The direct manipulation of the user interface, iOS is performed with the help of the multi-touch gadgets. The components of the interface control elements are buttons, switches and sliders. The gestures are also included in the interaction containing pinch, tap, swipe and reverse pinch with some specified meanings and definitions in the context of the operating system as well as the multi-touch interface. In addition to the gestures provided by the operating system, for controlling the gadgets’ performance, there is several accelerometer and distance sensing units. A substantial number of updates have been there in the operating system; the current version is iOS 12 available for 64-bit processors. For the establishment of the applications in iOS with a designer costs, the CEO of the company had declared the distribution of a service advancement package to the designers.

Features of iOS

Accessibility- The users who are suffering from any disabilities such as hearing and vision impairment, the operating system provides access service to them in the form of VoiceOver. The special-users can navigate the operating system with the help of the contextual buttons, links, icons by a voice reading the information on the screen.

Multitasking- All the iPad models and the other mobile versions have the feature of multitasking.

Switching applications- In the recent versions of the operating system, double-clicking the home button along with activating the application switcher, displays screenshots of open applications on the top of the icon appearing above the screenshots forming a Rolodex effect on scrolling.

Siri- Intelligent personal assistant using natural language user interface and voice queries for making recommendations, answering questions and performing actions for setting the internet services. The personal assistant gives a broad spectrum of user commands checking basic information, in addition to performing phone actions as well as scheduling of the reminders and events. Now it has a more clear and human-like voice supporting the follow-up questions, actions of third-party and language translation.

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