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One of the most popular programming languages in the development of web applications and mobile applications, Java is widening its usability and reachability these days. The high schools have also begun teaching the object-oriented programming language apart from the universities. The general-purpose programming language is class-based, concurrent and object-oriented helping the developers to write the code just once and running it anywhere known as WORA. This feature of the computer programming language makes it compatible with all the platforms. The Java code can be run on any JVM after its compilation to bytecode regardless of the architecture of the computer.

James Gosling is the name behind the creation of this popular programming language for the client-server web applications. The latest version is Java 11 offering security to the system. Principles of the language are as follows-

The programming language should create a program code which is simple, object-oriented and familiar
One goal is that it should be architecture-neutral and transferable
Robust and secure are the main goals of the software developed with the help of the programming language
The execution of the code lines must be done with high performance
These are to be threaded, dynamic and interpreted

The platforms of Java and the four editions of Java which target the different application environments are Java SE (Java Platform, Standard Edition), Java EE (Java Platform, Enterprise Edition), Java ME (Java Platform, Micro Edition) as well as Java Card for smart cards.
There are multiple class libraries of the language as well. These have been developed to support the development of the applications in Java. Java Class Library is the standard library controlled by Sun Microsystems collaborating with Java Community Process program. The examples of the core libraries are IO/NIO, Networking, Reflection, Concurrency, Scripting/Compiler, Generics, XML processing, Collection libraries, Security, Internationalization and localization libraries. There are integration libraries as well such as JDBC, JNDI and RMI and COBRA, and JMX. AWT, JavaFX area few examples of user interface libraries.
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