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Engineering professionals apply basic principles of science and mathematics to provide innovative solutions to technical problems. You as a Mechanical Engineers in particular are required to actively use these principles to create mechanical devices which we come across in our daily lives. Due to the broad job prospects offered by this discipline of engineering, many students like you dream of attaining a degree in mechanical engineering course. The versatility of subjects taught to you being a mechanical engineering graduate ranges from computer science to electronics and further allows you to work in these multiple work sectors. Also, emerging subjects such as Mechatronics are now taught as a part of your mechanical engineering course which contributes towards making you a better fit for the respective industry.

If you, too aspire to attain a degree in Mechanical Engineering course from one of the prominent universities in Australia, then below mentioned list will be of great help to you. The list provides the names of top 5 Universities, along with the mechanical engineering courses offered by them.

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The University of Melbourne

Established in 1853, the University of Melbourne has set a benchmark by continuously being ranked among the leading Universities of the world. It is number one university in Australia and ranks number 32 in the International rankings of world universities.


  • Bachelor of Design

  • Bachelor of Science


  • Master of Energy Systems

  • Master of Mechanical Engineering

  • Master of Mechanical Engineering with Aerospace

  • Master of Mechanical Engineering with Mechatronics

The University of Sydney

This University was established with an aim to provide quality education for all. Thus, it became one of the first universities in the world to enroll women in 1881. It offers a diverse range of Mechanical Engineering courses with a number of elective subjects to choose from, such as manufacturing and wind farm design. As it is crucial for students like you to have hands on at work, along with gaining theoretical knowledge, thus a 12-week internship program has been included in the university curriculum to provide you an exposure to industry life. The courses offered have been mentioned below:


  • Bachelors of Engineering honours (Mechanical)


  • Master of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering )

The University of New South Wales

It is also one of the leading universities in Australia which offers multiple Mechanical Engineering courses. The duration of the undergraduate program is four years. Over the years, the university has established contacts with eminent industries to provide you with practical exposure along with theoretical knowledge. The courses offered by University of South Wales with some specifications you can choose from, have been mentioned below.


  • Mechanical Engineering (Honours)

  • Mechatronic Engineering (Honours)
  • Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (Honours)


  • Master of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)

  • Master of Engineering Science (Mechanical Engineering)

  • Master of Engineering Science (Manufacturing Engineering and Management)

  • Master of Engineering Science (Robotics)

Monash University

It is yet another popular university located in Sydney. The Mechanical Engineering courses offered at this university, provides you knowledge from almost all spheres of engineering in the first year of the program. After the first year, focus is laid upon specializing in the major subjects in mechanical engineering course. There is a provision for you to undertake a double specialization, if you are interested in more than one branch of mechanical engineering. The mechanical engineering courses provided by Monash University have been listed below.


  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honours)


  • Master of Advanced Mechanical Engineering

  • Master of Professional Mechanical Engineering

The University of Queensland

The Mechanical Engineering course at university of Queensland, was started in 1916. Since then, the number of students enrolling in the course has been increasing by leaps and bounds every year. One of the major reasons for the growing number of enrolments is that it offers you a great exposure to industries related to mechanical engineering. An employability center works to equip you with skills required to succeed as a mechanical engineer. The names of mechanical engineering courses offered by this university have been mentioned below.


  • Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical and Materials Engineering

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronics


  • Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering

Related Subject

Mechanical Engineering assignment help services offered by us:


Sustainable Fuels

It is a vast subject of mechanical engineering, which covers a broad range of topics. In the mechanical engineering home works, students are required to do a descriptive research on the topic of alternative fuels or other respective inventions, which can be used in the coming years. Due to its high difficulty levels, it becomes tough for students like you to work perfectly on these assignments. Therefore, to help you solve these assignments in a professional way and without any plagiarism, assignmenthelp4me, offers online assignment writing services in the field of mechanical engineering.


Sustainable Transport

A large number of mechanical engineering assignments, you deal with are based on the topic of automobiles and transportation. A lot of attention is laid upon this subject, as there is a need to move towards new transportation systems, which run on non- conventional sources of energy. Doing a mechanical engineering homework might not be possible for you at times, as most of you are occupied with part time job or some co-curricular activity which you are pursuing along with your studies. Thus, assignmenthelp4me, aims at helping you in getting these assignments done without hampering other activities you are engaged in.


Smart Traffic Management

The rising number of vehicles on roads has made traffic management a concern for the entire world. All of you must have faced the nasty experience of being struck in an irritating traffic jam. To instill young and innovative minds like you to think about creative solutions for solving this problem, many mechanical engineering home works focus on this subject. A lot of research is required to be done in order to solve these assignments, as not much solutions have yet been evaluated in this issue. Assignmenthelp4me is one such platform where an expert team of researchers work towards helping you to get such mechanical engineering assignments done in a quick and easy way.


GHG emission

The phenomenon of global warming has brought GHG emission to the attention of the world. Greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide are one of the leading causes of global warming. Being a mechanical engineer, you are required to ponder over ways to reduce GHG emissions. Thus, many of the mechanical engineering assignments you have to solve, deal with this subject. You may find it hard to devote large amount of time and long sitting hours required to get through with these assignments. Experts at assignmenthelp4me, are there to provide you with easy assignment assistance to solve these questions.


Electric Vehicles

Automobile engineering is one of the most important subjects of mechanical engineering. Entire automobile industry is seeking to shift to electronic vehicles to cope up with the problem of pollution caused by combustion of fossil fuels in I.C engines. Most of the mechanical engineering assignments require in depth research on this subject. Students like you, may not sometimes be able to understand the topic well. Thus, asignmenthelp4me, aims at helping you to solve these mechanical engineering home works in a professional manner.

Quick facts to know- Few jargons explained:


It is defined as the ratio of output generated by a machine to the input provided to it. Efficiency is a parameter which measures the performance of a machine. The higher the efficiency of a machine, the better it performs. Mechanical engineering assignments generally ask you to work on finding the efficiencies of different machines.


When an object undergoes a change in its shape and size after being subjected to a force, it is said to have undergone a deformation. The study of behavior of an object when subjected to a deformation is an important part of the curriculum of mechanical engineering courses. Thus, many mechanical engineering home works revolve around studying the extent of deformation of various materials when they are subjected to variable amounts of force.


Elasticity is the property by virtue of which an object tries to regain its original shape after the deforming force has been removed. Elasticity plays an important role in mechanical design. All mechanical engineering courses offer a detailed study of elastic properties of different engineering materials.


Stress is defined as the restoring force which is set up per unit area of the deformed body. Stress is an important parameter related to mechanical engineering courses. Stress analysis of different materials, machines and structures is done to analyze the circumstances under which they may fail. A lot of mechanical engineering assignments are based on the topic of stress and failure analysis of objects.


Strain is defined as the ratio of change in dimension of a body per unit of its original dimension. Strain experienced by a particular object under the effect of a force, is another parameter about which you have to study in detail as a mechanical engineer.

Job Prospects in Mechanical Engineering in Australia:

Mechanical engineering courses are designed to turn you into a successful mechanical engineer after attaining a degree in mechanical engineering. The field is a versatile branch of engineering which provides you knowledge about almost every field of engineering, ranging from computer sciences to electronics. Mechanical Engineering courses equip you with a variety of skills which enables you to work with multitudes of industries. Thus, you will never be left as an unemployed mechanical engineer in Australia. Some of the job prospects available in Australia for mechanical engineers like you, have been listed below:

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