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Nursing is an important part of the healthcare sector that focuses on the health of individuals and help them providing quality of life. The field of nursing can be differentiated with their scope of practice. The field offers specialisation in various fields.

The field approaches the methodological and theoretical basis for understanding the technical and administrative processes so that the integral care can be provided to the people.



Nursing involves the study of taking care of the bad health of humans and curing them. The nurses are prepared to provide complete care and to provide the training of self-care to the family and the groups.

The field requires neatness, order and creativity. Besides this, there is the need of accessing and handling numerical data, working in a team and analysing graphics. The communication ability is must in the profession as the nurse have to give soothing replies to the patients for their better health.


The occupational profile can be described in two types:

· University professional

The university professionals take care of people of all age groups in the institutions of the hospital.

The role of coordinating various social projects, programs and institution’s health promoting, preventing diseases and well-being educational projects are also assigned to them.

· Terminal technician

The terminal technicians are supposed to take on practical activities. There is the adaption of technology for undertaking health care measures.


In Australia, there are numerous opportunities in the nursing career; it offers the training in highly trusted fraternities of the world.


A nurse has to deal with patients and other professionals in the same field. It helps them to get comfortable in the atmosphere and enjoy their work.

Taking care of people with bad health and learn to have a pragmatic look on the face. You must learn to handle the things sensibly and have a positive attitude at work.

You must take an interest in providing health care to the patients.


There are two common ways that would help you to pursue your career as a successful nurse:

A registered nurse

After the completion of the high-school certificate with the subjects like Biology, physics or chemistry and English as a compulsory subject, you need to complete the Bachelor’s programme in nursing.

The entry in bachelor’s programme can be at a competitive level and dependant on your score in 12th followed by an interview or other selection tests.

Enrolled nurse

To become an enrolled nurse, there is an option of undertaking a full-time diploma course with the duration of 18 months. The process of taking admission in the diploma course may vary from one institute to another. The requirements would be:

A certificate of 12th or work experience in the same for two years or a certificate III in aged care.

You can also get registered in the AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) as an enrolled nurse.

There are also some other pathways to become a nurse that would help you to become a nurse.

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