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Operations management includes the process of planning, organising, monitoring, controlling and improving for high profitability. The adjustments have to be according to the strategic goals of the company. The processes going on are analysed properly and measured.

Operations management not only includes marketing and finance but it has become multi-dimensional. It includes labour and materials and other inputs in such a way that it maximises the profits and the output.

There are various disciplines included in the operation management such as strategic policies, planning of the input, manufacturing and its analysis.


The operation management works on some basic principle. Here we are describing 10 basic principles.

Focus on actual problems

The first principle is about finding out the real problem. Instead of focusing on the techniques, it pays attention to the actual issue.


The manufacturing processes are connected to each other. The organisation has to predict and elements so that they can be consistent. In this way, the output would be similar as per the expectations.

Essential elements

It is considered quite important in operation management to maintain records and work as per the disciplines. It would help to get 80% of the success, and 20% of it would come from the application of the latest techniques and methods.


The managers set the rules and regulations, and the responsibilities of the subordinates are defined by them. The whole process takes place to check if the goals and objectives are achieved. The accountability makes them more responsible towards their job, and they take it seriously.

Modification in process

There has to be the change in the process because the technologies keep on updating. More is the change; more will be the productivity and creativity.

Attention towards the cause of the problem

The problems caused in the organisation always have some interconnection. Instead of focusing on the problem, the cause should be focused so that there is a permanent solution to the issues.

Passionate employees

The passion and enthusiasm of the employees play an important role in the growth of the organisation. But it is important for the managers to instil the passion in the employees if they don’t come up with it naturally.


The limitations of the managers should be acknowledged instead of the process of error. They should get help if they feel like.

Customer’s requirements

The success might or might not be permanent but what we can make permanent is the satisfaction of the customers. We must think about the interest of the readers and revise the process and the policies accordingly.

Change is vital

The theories would be new after some time, and the processes will change accordingly. So, we should not stick to a particular solution or theory. Embracing the change would help in the efficient working, and there will be consistency.


The activities involved in operation management are divided into three major categories such as planning or designing at first, organising and then supervision of the functions. There is the involvement of the assets, human resources, costs and the process analysis in every category.

Planning and designing

Planning is the first and foremost process. Before designing the product, the manufacturer has to analyse the market to review the trend and to study the demand for the products. Then, the niche is targeted for the development of the new product or service.

Then, there is the next step in designing the product which includes various phases of testing. In this step, the commercial and technical requirements are analysed.

The process is also updated if required with the new process of logistics. In case of development of a service, there is the need to analyse the requirements and the contact level of the customers. The plans should be supporting the targets of the businesses.


After the designing process, you need to manage the material, cost, workflow and human resource. It will help in increasing the efficiency of the operations. But there can be some unintentional or accidental mistakes in the planning or in adjusting the production. Thus, competent management is required.


The room for improvement is always there for the processes, the better targets and the inventory level. The chances of better improvement can be there if you forecast the market trend or the demand of the customers. It can also help in saving the time and the cost. The addition in the technology can always be there for the better processes and easy achievement of the targets.

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