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Philosophy can be explained as the love of wisdom, but it is not a completely satisfactory explanation. The philosophers study the existence of different types of things and their distinct nature, the knowledge they have and the logic behind their principles.

It investigates the nature and also studies the values, reality and knowledge on the basis of logic rather than practical methods. Philosophy is all about the search for knowledge and truth about the nature of man, beliefs and behaviour.

In the words of Kant, “Philosophy is the science and criticism of cognition.”

“Philosophy aims at the knowledge of eternal, of the essential nature of things.” – Plato

Aristotle said, “Philosophy is the science which investigates the nature of being as it is in itself and the attributes which belong to it in virtue of its nature.”


The major branches of philosophy are ethics, metaphysics, logic and epistemology.

The rational thoughts are codified with the help of logic. The famous logicians help to structure the statement or the argument that holds the truth and the maximum knowledge is extracted from the relevant evidence.

The philosophers answer most of the inquiries using the tool logic. It helps the philosophers to manage the intricacies of the issues.

It refers to the study of knowledge and the criteria that are required to differentiate between the beliefs and the truth.

The nature of the things is studied under this branch. The metaphysicians give the reason behind the existence of the things and their nature. They answer the questions like; is there any existence of God, how the minds are generated by brains or how we can believe the existence of abstract objects.


It covers a wide range of studies in it and focuses on the distinct values. The studies covered under this are social and political philosophy, aesthetics that define the beauty of something and ethics that explores the nature of the things whether it is right or wrong, good or evil.

There are some other branches of philosophy that focus on their traditions rather than the studies. These branches are divided into:
· Western
· Eastern

Western philosophy is divided into further two parts: Continental philosophy (that is valued as per subjective experience) and analytical philosophy (which focuses on the application of the linguistics, logical and scientific area).

Eastern philosophy is segmented by the areas of philosophy such as Asian, Arab, Hindu, Indian, Chinese etc.

The philosophical study is a field that requires a high amount of patience, courage, humility and discipline. The courage is the most required factor as the philosopher has to be prepared with the results of the investigation.

There are some controversial issues studied in philosophy such as the existence of human. It needs courage as philosophy has the potential to challenge the deep beliefs of the people. It always involves the risk of isolation as the views that are unpopular can lead people to get isolated from peers. A philosopher has to be prepared for the expected or unexpected consequences.

Humility is another required factor to become a philosopher. One has to be humble and accept that he knows less or nothing at all about something and there can be inaccuracies in his knowledge.

Patience and discipline are the next required factors for the philosophers. You have to be prepared to devote a lot of time over the challenging and subtle issues. The fact is that the answers won’t come easily to you, you have to put lots of efforts into it. One has to bear the pain to know the truth behind the myths.

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