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PHP is Hypertext Preprocessor language designed by Rasmus Lerdorf for website development. It is a server-side scripting language and used as a general-purpose language previously known by the name Personal Home Page when it was designed in the year 1994. But now, it stands for the recursive acronym of Hypertext Preprocessor.

The language is used by embedding the code in the HTML code. But as per the developments and amendments made in the language, the code can be used in combination with web content management systems, web frameworks, and web template systems. The processing of the PHP code is performed by PHP interpreter as an executable Common Gateway Interface or is a module implemented in the web server. The interpreter of the language is free software released under the license powered by Zend Engine.

After the interpretation and the execution of the PHP code, the web server combines the code with the generated web page. The code can be of any type and can include images as well. Command Line Interface can also be used to execute the code along with implementing the standalone graphical applications.
Syntax of writing a PHP code-

Welcome to the technical world
’; ?>

This is the basic structure you need to follow in order to execute the code. If anything is written outside the delimiters of the language, then it is termed as non-PHP text and it is subject to control structures as described in the code. Here, by delimiters we mean, to close PHP sections.

PHP and C are alike in terms of keywords and language syntax.

Data Types

Integers in the language are stored in 32-bit or 64-bit signed integer equivalent to the long-type in language and all the integers used here fall under platform-dependent range. The values assigned to the PHP variable may be a simple string, or it is of a numeric type. The values can also be like arrays, and objects covering the complex data types. There are eight primitive data types in the programming language. The variables in the programming language are created with the help of these data types.

1. Integers

2. Floating Point Numbers

3. String

4. Booleans

5. Object

6. Array

7. Resource

8. Null

The latest versions of PHP are-

PHP 5.6.31

PHP 7.0.21

PHP 7.1.7

There are a need and a lot of advantages of using the supported versions of the most popular programming language, PHP. Around 83% of the websites are using this server-side programming language. The entire CMS of around 8 websites out of 10 are built on this programming language. The use of the updated versions of PHP has become mandatory for the platforms which use this language. The security is the main concern here. The older versions do not have security support and have a lot of security vulnerabilities. The older versions have not been patched since years, which strengthens the need of using the new versions.

· Enhanced security

· Repairing of the flaws

· Huge Performance Gains

· Extended support

· Additional features for the developers (New type hinting, anonymous classes, keys usable in lists, and malformed numbers and many more)

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