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Political science is the theory that focuses on the institutions of the government and the national, international, state and local politics. The study of political science develops the understanding of practices, relations, institutions consisting of the public life and the modes promoting citizenship.             


Aristotle – “Political science is defined as the practical science dealing with the happiness of the people. The philosophy of Aristotle focuses on looking for the purpose of life and the roles of a politician in making constitution and laws.”

John Austin – “John Austin focuses on transforming law into a true science. According to Austin, laws are general commands issued by a sovereign to members of independent political society and backed up by credible threats of punishment or other adverse consequences in the event of non-compliance.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Austin_(legal_philosopher)



The foundation of political institution and community is studied under the theory of politics. The major purposes of the public association and the human nature is focused in this part. Many famous political theorists have their writings on the clarification of these concepts.

There is empirical research in political theory following the way of functioning of the political institutions.  


The comparative politics involves the comparison of different studies regarding the freedom, equality, economic security, well-being or process of the government system. The study of extra-constitutional agencies which have their connections with government organs is also included in its study.


International relations can be explained as the interaction of the states globally and the interaction of members of one country with another. In other words, it is the study of behaviour across the boundaries affecting the relations of the countries and the states. These interactions are overseen by the state, private, intergovernmental and governmental institutions.

The importance of maintaining international relations and the economic activities among countries with the increase in the freedom. The trade, communication, international finance, foreign investment and development among the countries is studied for taking some important decisions. Nuclear deterrence, control of arms, defence and policy for national security are the examples of the decisions taken under foreign policy.


The study of politics is involved and practised by students in this part. The course offers the study of political parties and the courts, presidency, the role of mass media, constitutional law, the formation of policies, politics of state and race and ethnicity politics.


The study of political methodologies defines the basics of political and social science, research methods and analysis and the research experience in the practical field.

It further includes the economics, statistics and formal theory training with the analyses of the development of latest methodologies.


Political science offers a number of options for your career.

The political science course would help you to know more about the functions and interactions of government and other political parties, the impact of the law on the political and social change, the effect of policies on the stability and growth of the economy.

Opportunities for master’s scholars in political science


The first word we think of hearing political science is politics. The study of political science provides the career opportunity of taking part in politics. The participation in the debates can help the students to take a step ahead towards politics, and you can shape the society by making influential decisions.

Here are some of the career options in politics:


The role of meeting the members of congress or parliament and discussing the legislation would be your role being a lobbyist.

Manager of a political campaign

The role of promoting a political party would be assigned to you for the national or local elections. You would be responsible for hiring, supervising and delegating various tasks to the staff and volunteers of the campaign.

Then, there would be the formation of a strategy for campaigning which would involve the fundraising, advertising, PR and marketing after analysing the polls.


Gaining enough support can help you run a place in parliament or a political party. But it requires convincing people and proving yourself why you deserve their vote.

Political consultant

You can also become an expert, as government officials need advice from experts. The consultants play the role of formulating strategies for the implementation of the political project considering the perception of the people.


Becoming a business expert is also an option in political science. The study of international and national policies and the trends globally, you can easily understand the working of the economy and the consumers.

The career opportunities are mentioned here:

Business specialist

As a business specialist, you have to handle the issues that involve promotion of the company, conducting discussion and providing benefits to the company by singing legal bonds.


The market researcher has to collect the information on the opinions of the customers regarding the products or the services. The role of communicating with the customers for their satisfaction also comes under this.

Specialisation in PR

The role of a PR specialist is to raise the interest of the people towards the products of the company and to make them aware of it. The proper means of communication have to be followed for meeting the targets. It would help you to develop good relations with the customers.

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