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During the research and writing of the final document, frequent dialogue with the thesis management will always be a great advantage. A thesis director will tend to worry more about the activity of his promoted the more advanced the process and the closer its completion. It is highly recommended that the doctoral student be very proactive from the first minute since this will save many hours of lost time and effort. If the doctorate advances on its own with little supervision, it can be found that the director will amend the plan when the process is already well advanced. It is not uncommon for the student to be asked to eliminate whole passages (which he will have had a hard time to expose) or to modify formal aspects that even require starting from scratch to the despair of the author. Agreeing on an adequate system of appointment and reference is crucial because when you take dozens of written pages it is tragic to go back to the whole bibliography to adjust it to the formal request of the address. In excellent universities, the review process is traceable and is documented in files or acts that serve as a guide. In any case, you should avoid conflicts with the director.


A doctoral thesis, in addition to being correctly written, must take care of formal aspects whose resolution will measure the quality of the work. Each university has its own system and the expectation of the court will be that the doctoral student adheres strictly to what is determined. This is very important because when you are a doctor and you are professionally researched when you publish in scientific journals they have extremely demanding requirements. The negligence of the author in these cases will prevent his work from being published and, in our case, that the qualification of the new doctor is inferior.


The doctorate is a race against oneself where finally it is the author himself who knows intimately the quality of his work. In the best of cases, the doctoral student will be tempted to leave, especially if other obligations intensify or it can prompt him to take shortcuts or getthird-party help. Becoming a doctor requires a remarkable record that must be accompanied by honesty and confidence in the final result. "Nobody is born knowing how to write a thesis", a path of scientific and personal discoveries. When the need to manage time or effort has been explained, it is not recommended to skimp, but to avoid wasting them. Once immersed in the process of investigation, inquiries and contrasts will require patience. The results will be those that have actually been discovered, not the ones we want to discover because they are going to improve the final document. The researcher will review thousands or tens of thousands of data and information and the quality of each sampling will depend to a large extent on its breadth and goodness in the treatment

Once immersed in the process of the investigation and inquiries, it will require a lot of patience from the side of the students as well as those who are guiding and directing him/her in this academic pursuit. The aspirations of the candidates are not met without preservice and conformity with the guide.


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