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Guido van Rossum is the name who created this popular programming language in the year 1991. There are multiple operations which the language performs and is used for many functions. The most important is web development for the server-side, development of software, mathematics and scripting of the software. The other functions of the programming language are connecting to the database systems, by reading and modifying the files in the database. It also handles Big Data as well as operates on the complex mathematics. Python can also be used for producing development ready software in addition to the rapid prototyping. It also helps in the creation of the workflows while being used alongside software.

Why developers choose Python for software development?

The reason behind why the programming language is chosen for the production of the software is the extensive list of the advantages and features it offer.

1.      Works on multiple platforms

2.      Less complexity due to few numbers of coding lines

3.       Simplified syntax similar to English

4.      No wastage of time in the interpretation or the execution of the code written in the language

5.      Several ways of treating the language- functional way, object-oriented way or a procedural way

Why was Python designed?

The main motive behind designing the programming language is to make a language which is easy to read. Python is a programming language which has a lot of similarities to the English language. Moreover, it is influenced by mathematics.

Applications of the programming language

Students learning the language have a large scope of applications which they can perform with Python.

1.      Web Development

2.      Data Science

3.      Scripting

The two key web frameworks for web development in Python are Django and Flask. These help in creating server-side code in the language. Machine learning is another field of application in which the programming language is used. Machine learning is a concept which implements algorithms in detecting what is on the screen by recognizing the face, voice and recommendations systems. The other algorithms based on machine learning are neural networks, support vector machines and deep learning and random forest. Python provides a framework for all these applications to work, TensorFlow and scikit-learn. For the data analysis task, or the visualization task the most popular framework is Matplotlib. The automation of simple tasks is achieved with the help of a process known as Scripting. It is done by writing small programs written with the help of Python.  It is also used for developing desktop applications.

There are various topics covered in this language. The main components are Python variables, numbers, casting, strings, operators, lists, tuples, sets, loops, modules, dates, JSON, file handling, MySQL, MongoDB, and many more.

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