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COIT20249 | Assessment 2 Portfolio 3 Professional Skills | Quiz

Related: Computer Subjects

Question 1What are Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)?Select one: a. Application of knowledge and skills to plan, solve problems and make decisions using initiative and judgement. b. The ability to reason, apply simple numerical concepts and use information to create knowledge and improve understanding. c. The action of using your mind to produce higher ideas, d...

  • 335
  • 03/04/2019

COIT20262 | Advanced Network Security Question File | IT

Related: Computer Subjects

1. A virus that separates itself into multiple parts to help avoid detection is called a(n):2. Consider the packets captured by a router and saved in a pcap file. Answer the following questions based only on the capture file. Give all IP addresses in dotted decimal notation (e.g. and all MAC/hardware addresses in Hex separated by colon (e.g. 01:23:45:67:89:ab).The pack...

  • 327
  • 01/04/2019

Survey of US History Quiz

Related: Other Subjects

1. Identify the statement that describes the American System.2. Identify the statements that illustrate the complex relationship between race and voting.3. Identify the statements that describe John Quincy Adams’s positions prior to becoming president.4. Based on your understanding of the Bank War, what does this political cartoon reveal about the conflict?5. Identify the sta...

  • 309
  • 26/03/2019

Assignment 3 Tasks and Forensics Report | Digital Forensic

Related: Computer Subjects

Task 1: Recovering scrambled bits (5 Marks)For this task, see an attached text file with scrambled bits with this email. You will be required to restore the scrambled bits to their original order and copy the plain text in your assignment.Deliverable: Describe the process used in restoring the scrambled bits and insert plain text in the assignment.Task 2: Digital Forensics Repo...

  • 401
  • 23/03/2019

MGT603 | Rich Picture, CATWOE and Root Definition Report | Systems Thinking

Related: Management Subjects

Instructions:This assessment is to be completed individually and is linked to Assessment 1.To successfully complete Assessment two (2) students will write a comprehensive report that helps resolve the problem they introduced in Assessment 1. Using the resulting discussion as a platform students are required to analyse and synthesise consequences on various stakeholders involved...

  • 409
  • 20/03/2019

Survey of US History Quiz Chapter 8 | History

Related: Other Subjects

1. Both the Alien and Sedition Acts were viewed with tremendous suspicion. Identify who suffered most under the enforcement of each of the Acts.2. Identify the statements that describe the War of 1812.3. The Louisiana Purchase happened between the United States and France. Identify why France was willing to sell the territory to the United States.4. Gabriel’s Rebellion was in...

  • 360
  • 19/03/2019

ITC515 | Alternative submission method Assignment 2 | IT

Related: Computer Subjects

TaskQuestion 1The digital microwave radio system shown in Fig 1 below operates in the 18GHz radio frequency band and provides 2x2 Mbps transmission capacity between two sites. The system deploys a passive repeater.1.Calculate the nominal Receive Signal Level (RSL) at the input of the receiver in dBm assuming free space conditions. (7 marks)2.Briefly discuss the purpose of the p...

  • 423
  • 19/03/2019

MGT501 CSU | Part B: Statement of Intent Final | Management

Related: Management Subjects

You will need to find ways of addressing the audience in a compelling manner, paying attention to audio quality, lighting quality, sincerity of presentation, clarity of your perspective and overall impact.Presentation Content:In the presentation, students are required to:Introduce themselvesDescribe how their understanding of business has changed since the start of this subject...

  • 291
  • 19/03/2019

MGT501 CSU | Part A: Initial Statement of Intent | Management

Related: Management Subjects

In writing your reflective statement of intent, you should justify your choice of studies; identify how your studies relate to your own experiences and how you may apply your knowledge in the future.Think carefully about your previous experiences and current expectations. Your statement should be clear and succinct showing that you have short-term and long-term goals and an und...

  • 293
  • 19/03/2019

MGT501 | Internal and External Stakeholder Analysis | Management

Related: Management Subjects

Context:Business stakeholder analysis is a technique for identifying stakeholders and analysing their roles. The aim of the analysis is to map out the stakeholders’ level of influence and degree of interest with regards to the business. Stakeholder analysis can also be used to assess the relationships between different stakeholders and the issues they care about most.Internal...

  • 329
  • 19/03/2019

ITC 561 | Cloud Computing- Cloud Basics and Technology-Quiz | Cloud Computing

Related: Computer Subjects

QUESTION 1 1.      Google Sheets is an example of what type of application: 1. All of the above 2. SaaS 3. IaaS 4. PaaS 0.25 points    QUESTION 2 1.      A _________________________...

  • 357
  • 15/03/2019

MGT602 CSU | Assessment 1 Business Decision Analytics | Management

Related: Management Subjects

Fast changing workplace demands in the 21st century call for greater flexibility in the ways individuals and work teams make and implement decisions.This assessment draws on learning activities and resources from weeks 1-4. It is designed for you to record and reflect on the decision-making preferences, processes and tools that you use personally on a daily basis and compare an...

  • 326
  • 12/03/2019

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