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Topic 1
Advancements in healthcare have resulted in an extended human lifespan, which, in turn, has led to people working longer. The workplace contains up to five generations, from Baby Boomers to an emerging fifth generational group known as Gen Z. Healthcare employers are facing issues in managing older workers and being tasked with attracting and retaining younger employees, mainly, Generation Y & Z.

It can, therefore, only be expected that these employees will have vastly different expectations of their daily working lives. These varying wants and needs mean that healthcare employers must learn how to manage the often conflicting views and expectations from these assorted age groups.

There is a common conception that intergenerational difficulties in the workplace will present key issues for the health workforce. It is incumbent on healthcare managers to find new and innovative ways to make the increasingly broad labour force inclusive.
You are to write an academic essay that
1. Compares and contrasts the differing generational expectations in the workplace.
2. Describe strategies that will promote:   
    a. harmony in the workplace,
    b. retain skilled workers of all generations, and
    c. attract new employees,
From the five generational groups that are evident in the age ranges observed in the contemporary health workforce.                                     

Topic 2
Talent management processes (used for performance management, staffing, staff development, pay structure, and succession) takes care of organizational health. While many health service managers appreciate the importance of these processes as something that maintains the stability in operating a healthcare organisation, they fail to see them as tools for driving business strategy execution.   It is critical to understand the relationship between talent management processes and the achievement of business goals and targets. Research demonstrates that organisations with enlightened talent management policies have higher performance in the achievement of organisational goals and successful deployment of business strategy with better outcomes. 

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