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Report Tasks

Stage 1 (10%). Due Feb. 8th.

1.Create an outline of the report, essentially a complete report structure from Title Page through to Bibliography, that includes all required sections with only headings and a single line of sample text for the body in each section/subsection, with exceptions noted for the Introduction and Bibliography as follows.
2.Write a report introduction and include it as the text in the Introduction section of the report.
3.In the Bibliography section, include an annotated bibliography, with at least 7 entries, that demonstrates you have done some initial research for the project. An annotated bibliography is similar in structure to a regular bibliography, with the addition of a brief paragraph with each entry that describes the source and its value to the project. At least 4 of the entries must be journal articles and at least 6 must be considered. You will replace this in subsequent submissions with a bibliography that represents actual sources used.

Additional Group Task

Provide a separate team charter describing how you expect to work together. The charter should include:

1.The group's objectives for the project (2-4 overall is fine).
2.How communication among group members will take place (i.e methods, timing, regular, emergency).
3.The norms or team ground rules.
4.Your plan for how to distribute the work (i.e. including any particular roles) and your basic process for how you will work together and complete the project.

Please don't "shortcut" this task to make it brief as possible; team charters end up as references to solve concerns in the group and the more fully you address the above items the more effective your group could be.

Stage 2 (5%). Due Mar. 15th.

Submit a draft of the report that includes:

The complete structure of the report.

Content written up for at least 3 sections (based on the report sections identified below in Stage 3. I will be looking for meaningful information that addresses the requirements for the section you include, however, I will not be checking for spelling or grammar, and the citations do not have to be complete (i.e. you can use placeholders).

An accurate bibliography that represents the sources used for the sections completed for this draft.

Additional Group Task

Each team member is to provide an assessment of the progress of the team based upon the expectations as stated in the team charter. These should be written and submitted separately. Each member's assessment should be approximately 250 words.

Stage 3 (25%). Due Apr. 12th.

1.Leadership and Individuals. (4%)
a) Apply a leadership contingency theory to this case, using it to describe what you believe is an appropriate leadership approach that would be effective. This requires a brief introduction of the theory and how it works and the description of this case's fit to the theory's dimensions or elements.
2.Context and Systems. (4%)
a)Use the Contextual Leadership framework to describe relevant contextual factors for the situation in this case. For each Omnibus Context element and Discrete context element, provide an example from the case.
b)Describe a dependent relationship within elements of this case with a Causal Loop Diagram (i.e. provide a drawing plus a written description).

3. Vision. (3%)
a) Construct a vision the leader(s) could use in the case to communicate the intended future for followers and other stakeholders. Describe the elements of the vision and how they would support the desired effect.

4. Communications and Change. (4%)
a)Describe the key messages the leader(s) will need to communicate to followers and other stakeholders about the decision that was made. Explain the importance of each message.
b)Provide an example of a communication strategy that might be effective if the decision made resulted in a change affecting followers.

5. Creativity and Risk. (4%)

a)Apply a creative process the leader(s) could use to generate additional options to the challenge presented in this case.
b)Describe alternatives for the decision making needed for this challenge.
c)Describe short- and long-term risks for two of the additional options from a).

6. Cultural and Critical Perspectives. (3%)

a)Discuss the implications for the leader in this case if there were significant cultural differences between the leader(s) and the followers.
b)What are potential negative aspects of the leadership in this case. This must be supported by relevant theories or concepts (i.e., don't just list negative consequences).

Additional Group Tasks
1. For "Leadership and Individuals" section:
b)Apply LMX theory to this case, using it to describe what you believe is an appropriate leadership approach that would be effective.

4. For "Communications and Change" section:

c)Describe the organizational factors in this case that would contribute to resistance to change.

5.For "Creativity and Risk" section:
d) Apply Six Hats Thinking to generate two pieces of information about the challenge in this case for each of the six hats.

6.For "Cultural and Critical Perspectives" section:
c) Discuss any impacts gender might have on this case. This can be hypothetical, based on application of relevant concepts and reasoned interpretation.

Part of the grading of Stage 3 (3%) will include assessment of the overall structure, organization, and writing for the completed, full paper.

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