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Consider a flexible chain of length, that hangs freely. The ends of the chain are secured at two fixed points that have a height difference of A and arc distance, d, apart. Develop a piece wise function that models the shape of the hanging chain, and then produce a report that explains how you developed and refined your model. In pre wnting the development of your model in the report. you must consider:
 • two polynomial functions and
 • two exponential functions

To complete this task, you must:
• use the problem-solving and mathematical modelling approach to develop your response.
• respond with a range of understanding and skills, such as using mathematical language, appropriate calculations, tables of data, graphs and diagrams.
• provide a response that highlights the real-life application of mathematics.
• respond using a written report. format that can be read and interpreted independently of the instrument tatsheet.
• develop a unique response.
• use both analytic procedures and technology.

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