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The work described above is split into 2 assignments The following section describe the expected deliverables for groups and individuals (NB: in many cases the group deliverable is derived from individual contributions).

Assignment 1
In this part you will do:

• Mind map of the problem (result of brainstorming)
• Project justification and scope (explain what is going to be the main goal of your analysis)
• Data dictionary – this includes a consistent description of data – both copied/adjusted from the data source and description of data the group members constructed
• Summary of dataset exploration (datasets you were given PLUS any additional datasets you consider using in your analysis – e.g. socio-economic data...)
• Analysis plan with justification and assigning work to individuals

• Bibliography - find, read and evaluate (CRAAP test ) 2 sources as a basis for group discussions and brainstorming
• Data construction (each member of the group has to do at least one data construction task)
• Result of exploring the data – each group member will submit result of their exploration of the dataset (what was done, why it was done, what was the result, what do you think about the result)
• Data quality analysis (what are the problems, can they be fixed? How data quality will influence the validity/trustworthiness of results...). Refer to data quality dimensions to structure this deliverable.

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