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What makes a good project leader?
1. Purpose and aims

This assignment aims at group learning and comprehension, to realise if students understand how to critically analyse challenges that a project leader may meet while running a project. More importantly, students would discuss how the leader may tackle these challenges and what key points they would recommend for similar incidents in future. This assessment helps student understand how to solve project leadership issues in the form of a working group.
2. Description of assessment
Select a person involved in a leadership role on a well-known public project. Conducting your own research from publicly available information about this leader, analyse the leadership approach taken. Write an academic report of approximately 1500 words and answer the following questions:

1. What style of leadership did this leader deploy?
2. What was the effectiveness (or otherwise) of the leadership behaviours displayed?
3. What impact did these leadership behaviours have on the project across its lifecycle?
4. How does your analysis compare to the concepts and literature examined in this subject?

Be sure to link your observations or deductions to the key concepts covered in this subject in terms of general leadership theory and practice, within the specific context of project management.
Carefully read through the marking guide for this assessment task before starting your report.
3. Research and References
Your report should be supported by appropriate research, which could include academic literature, industry or government reports, practitioner-focused resources, newspaper or magazine articles, or websites. Note that your analysis of leadership theory should demonstrate a clear understanding of the relevant academic literature. You can use references provided in this subject, but you are expected to conduct your own research. You should be citing at least 5 peer reviewed journal articles.

Also note that while you are encouraged to use a variety of sources to obtain evidence to supplement the academic literature, take care when considering which websites and non-academic sources to use. For this assessment, only use reliable and credible sources (e.g., a company website’s description of the project, Harvard Business Review blog). Note that Wikipedia and similar sites are not acceptable.

Remember to cite all your references, using APA style.
Note that the reference section is not included in the 1500-word count.
4. An optional template for Assessment 4
Headings in the report                Description and details   
Executive Summary                     Approximately 150 words   

Biography of the chosen person  
• Introduce Him/her
• Education and credentials (if applicable)
• Introduce the most highlighted companies that s/he has been working (or worked) in.
• Notable achievements
Please be careful about disclosure of personal information which is unethical

What style of leadership did this leader deploy?
Approximately 200 words    Approximately 200 words

What was the effectiveness (or otherwise) of the leadership behaviours displayed?
Approximately 450 words
You may cover Q 4 while answering this question.   

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